Apple Cider vinegar

I wonder if any of you have tried this and found it helpful. I thought I'd give it a go after reading a blog on here the other week about anti inflammatory diets. I did a little research before buying and found that the cider vinegar from the supermarket is just a condiment and it's best to go for an organic unpasteurised vinegar which has the "mother" (enzymes) intact. Well my bottle arrived today and I mixed a tbs with a tsp of dark honey in a large glass of warm water. I was poised to gag but was pleasantly surprised to find it was really nice. It tasted like a still cider and not nasty at all. I know there's no proven link that RA can be controlled with diet but I've decided to give this a try. When I've finished reading my book by Margaret Hills I'll give the whole anti inflammatory approach a go. Lets face it, I've got nothing to lose in trying. I already avoid processed foods, additives, caffeine and alcohol. I've managed to lose 74lbs to date and that's despite two steroid jabs since May. I can honestly say this has helped me to stay positive in my battle against RA.


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  • Hi, I agree, nothing to lose, and possibly something to gain. I think keeping a posiive state of mind is so important.

    I have always had a tendency to try alternative health ideas, but only if they are safe and relatively inexpensive.

    Margaret Hill's book was the first one I read, 20 years ago, in the hope of finding some way to make myself better. I have read so many others since then.

    I remember making a daily concoction of molasses and organic cider vinegar in water, found it quite pleasant, but never really found it helped me much.

    Since then I have bought lots of other books, and with the help of the internet in recent years, I have started to read some scientific stuff too.

    One of the most interesting things I have found recently is there is a link between a diet high in sugar/white flour/refined carbohydrates and the amount of inflammation in our bodies. So my low carb diet is my latest religion. I am a stone lighter, with very little effort (and lots of dark chocolate) and currently I think my inflammation has subsided. This may be pie in the sky, but, as you say, there is nothing to lose in trying.

    (74 pounds is an amazing achievement. Well done you!)

  • Hi Phoebe, I think we have to stay positive and do everything in our power to help ourselves. The health professionals and drugs can do so much but I think we owe it to them and ourselves to be in the best physical shape possible. I was very overweight and getting RA was a hell of a wake up call which kicked my a*** into action. I've also cut out the refined carbs and found it beneficial. I think my biggest health benefit has come dropping the alcohol. I like this talk of lots of dark chocolate :-) I'll have to look into that one! Great news that your inflammation has subsided :-) who knows if it's the diet but it gives you hope.

    Paula x

  • Congratulations Paula on losing so much weight. Regarding cider vinegar i will sit on the shelf and see how you go on. I have just brought some black cohosh as i am having a awful lot of sweats. I was taken off the hrt at xmas due to being on it for so long. I will see how it goes and if it helps me.

    Love Sylvi. xx

  • I've not heard of black cohosh Sylvi but I hope it helps you. I'll let you know how I get on with my cider vinegar.

    Paula x

  • Black cohosh is known to alter your liver enzymes so do take care.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  • I'm definitely up for trying the apple cider vinegar, did you send away for your Paula?? If so who did you use??

    I tried Holland and barrett, but not stock item.

    Carole :-)

  • Hi Carole, I got mine via amazon. It smells nasty but is fine when diluted with a little honey and lots of warm water.

  • Can you not just get it in supermarkets? I'm sure I have had it from there in the past (got a very old bottle in the cupboard and haven't used it recently). Much cheaper than H & B and the like as well.

  • Paula 74lb is an amazing achievement and probably the best contribution you can make to lessening the strain on your joints.

    I'm still struggling to get the weight off. I do really well with an eating plan and then fall off the wagon for a mad day binge. Did you follow a specific diet or was it just the result of cutting out processed foods. I'm dying to know.

  • Hi Creaky, I started a calorie controlled diet in January and also cut out alcohol about the same time. My diet has been evolving since and gradually become healthier. As I cut out processed foods I stopped craving so that's made things a lot easier. I also learnt portion control as my meals were way too big before. I use a wesite called myfitnesspal which is totally free and does all the hard work for me. If you need any advice just email me.

    Paula x

  • Hi I recently tried the cider Vinegar after my husband read margaret Hills book. I'd read the book a number of years ago but couldn't get the motivation to alter my diet - it seemed to have to avoid everything I like! Even my favourtie fruits! Anyway husaband wanted me to have ar eal go - but sorry the cidar vinegar was just too much - really made me gag and to be honest when I did manage to drink some I'd end up rushing to the loo to be sick! Anyway found out that you can buy tablets so have started on these - take 6 a day with food. Not the nicest taste but lot easier than the liquid form. Have only been on them couple fo months so not sure yet whether any benefit.

  • Oh dear, I'm exactly the same with the molasses which was recommended in the's horrid * shudders* bleugh. Unfortunately I got a bargain pack of 6 jars on Amazon and the thought of taking the stuff makes me want to retch! Be interesting to know how you get on with the tablets?

  • I think molasses has a similar mineral content to dark chocolate, iron, magnesium, copper. So perhaps dark chocolate would be preferable? Just a thought!

  • Maybe you didn't dilute the cider vinegar enough. Try it with honey and warm water [not hot water as that will destroy the vitamins etc]. Just put more water with it.

    I would like to hear more about the dark chocolate which I love. it would be great to know it is good for me as well!

  • I started taking the cider vingar with honey on Tuesday after reading the blog on here. I have also brought the book which I have had only time to quickly look at but some things make sense and as my drugs are not doing much for me at the moment, I am at the try anything stage. I also looked on margaret hills website where they are selling the book for £2 at the moment.

  • Hi - I feel sufficiently confident in you all that I will see how you get on with great interest re the cider vinegar. I haven't got much pain or anything swollen at all just now so the mix of drugs and healthy diet plus exercise seem to be working well for me although my sleep pattern is lousy just now so I'm always either awake half the night or comotose - I blame the drugs for this really I think. My OT told me she'd grown up drinking cider vinegar daily and her mum swore by it - but like others here it made me gag so will try it again only if the RA pain starts to come back a bit more. I suppose it would be just as effective if put in salad dressings though since it all passes through the digestive system? I do drink hot water with lemon juice first thing though.

    I did just want to say that my tai chi instructor told me yesterday about Horizon on BBC1 or 2 recently (3 weeks ago) where fasting was being tested as the best new method of weightloss and longevity. The main suggestion was 2 day per week fasts with just oatmeal/ porridge at the start as as a meal replacement (with lots of water throughout the day sounded a bit tortuous but was scientifically proven to be very good for us. There was a Sikh chap aged 101 who had run the London Marathon and his secret lay in small portions of food - like kiddy portions which mean we should always be a bit hungry. The idea that we all eat far bigger helpings of calories than we can possibly ever burn off is nothing new but somehow this programme does make sense of how we might change our lifestyles for the better by abstaining more and letting our bodies have a weekly clear out.

    I've lost almost 4 stone since April '11 but seem to have hit a brick wall now with 2 stone left to shift so I'm trying to reduce helpings further and up the exercise regime but it does take a lot of commitment! You can still watch this Horizon programme on YouTube. I do think losing weight through exercise and small helpings is the best thing I can do for my health and joints personally and once I'm down to my target weight eventually I plan to just stick to the small helpings of very good quality food rather than get faddish or make myself eat or drink stuff that I just loath?

  • Interesting info thanks

  • Hi Paula, I have written something about this before I think.

    I have met a lady who swears by the cider vinegar.

    I've been using for a few months, and my inflammation is not too bad.....who knows?

    Worth a shot though.

    The Zoe Harcombe diet is low carb, and as a treat you can have a few squares of the darkest chocolate.

    I lost a stone on it before I became ill, and it was the easiest diet I have ever tried...after the initial 5 days where you cut out so many things.

    Just need to get my mojo back and I will do it again.

    Nic x

  • Cider Vinegar.... well, I think I will have to give that a go - nothing to loose! infact when I used to have a horse, the vet recommended Cider Vinegar for her joints and although it didn't smell very ncie, she loved it!

    On another note, my Mum had RA and she swore that milk chocolate triggerd off her RA - but I love my chocolate soooo much, so have never even tried to give it up!


  • Do you know my Mum once said to her Dr that if she was told to stand on her head naked in the garden she would do it if it would help stop her pain! I now know how she felt. The problem is there's so many quack recipes and rip off merchants on the internet it would be very easy to get sucked in and parted with a lot of hard earned cash. Anyway, bottoms up and I'll let you know if I get any benefit from downing my cider vinegar.

    Paula x

  • So true Paula, might stop chocolate and occasional dark for treat :) getting cider vinegar to try. Had heard all this in early days, but was 'nt in correct frame of mind. I am now.


  • pauly

    ive got some

    5 years ago when this thing came on me i tryed that in luke warm water although it tastes sort of acidic all me pains cleared up in me knees from 2005 to 2012 as you know.

    i bought a new bottle but have only tried it twice and thats no good so will give it another go and let you know.

    did ya ask your hubby if anyone was interested in my 600rr honda 2007 with 2000 miles on clock real good looking bike

    lhe above is the link he may know someone

    regards john

  • Apple cider vinegar was one of the first things suggested to me, I scoffed it away, so I am interested to see if any good. Will read thru blog with avid interest.


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