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Visitor Still here for a week, And I am in Agony :(

Well been here a week as of tomorrow, I have done all I could for him to have a good time, I was reminded more than ever, Just how limited I am in Moving around, I am in tears at the end of the night, I mean, complete AGONY and Crying, Went to GP today and got injection in my hip, (The Right one) and My left Knee keeps collapsing and feet are Numb, so I am a complete mess, also My hands are Screaming out in agony, thats why this is so short, I will write as soon as I can, I hope all of you are doing well, miss chatting, and keeping up, But once he has gone I will have my flat back, and no more mess and stress, Take Care All xx


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Lisa,i know how hard it has been for you my friend. I bet you will go to bed for a week and just sleep. Sending you hugs. Love


Can't you just see how stress flares our problem joints? I really feel for you it must be horrible but you have got to relax and chill as much as you can, Hope the pain lessons soon. Much Love Carol


Hi Lisa,

Know how you feel. My family have just left!! Great to see them - but OMG it is exhausting. Love them very much but don't think they understand about rheumatoid arthritis. lol x


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