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Just saying hello!

I've recently been diagnosed with arthritis, and thought I'd drop by and say hello!

In addition to the usual pain relief, my chiropractor has suggested using a hot water bottle... and a taxi driver suggested using a packet of frozen peas! I've tried the peas idea and it didn't work for me.

He also suggested 'Deep Heat': has anyone else had any success with any of this, or have any other tips for pain relief?


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Hi Jessie and welcome to the site :-) The best pain relief for me is keeping active but listening to my body and resting if I start to hurt. I enjoy swimming and find it a great help but unfortunately I've got to give it a miss for a while due to the school holidays....the place is just teaming with children who get free swimming at this time of year. I also find a hot water bottle helps and just taking steps to ease the strain like asking others to open bottles or jars and getting hubby to carry the washing basket. You haven't said if you've been put onto medication but it does make a huge difference too. Best of luck to you.

Paula x


Hi Jessie & welcome

I agree with Paula, prescribed meds help and most of us use prescribed pain relief, rather than purchasing over the counter stuff, this will become relevant later (we are prescribed stronger stuff & drug interactions).

The hot water bottle works for me also, but some the cold peas work or both the hot water & peas work. We are all different and the best thing is to try everything and see what works for you. I've found heat treatment helps me immensley and I also like warm baths on my joints, so I often have baths before I go to bed to ease my joints also, when I can.

Take care Sci x


Hi. I find frozen peas are good for when my joints are very hot. My RA can feel like I am burning sometimes.

But for general aching and feeling sorry for myself I use heat. I prefer to use those microwaveable wheat bags which I manage better than trying to get the top off a hot water bottle.

You might like to try anti-inflammatory gel to rub on, but check with your GP that it's ok for you.

Good luck!


Jessie welcome i'm glad you have found us. We are a great bunch of people on here who are always willing to lend a supportive hand when someone is suffering. Peas do it for me as well.

Hope it all goes well with you sylvi.xx


Hi Jessie and welcome

I'm a heat girl myself although I have found a tens machine useful for back pain in the past.


I have an electric heating pad that is great, but will also use ice packs as well in some areas, and sometimes alternating heat and ice.


Thanks everyone: my name's Graeme, a volunteer at Signpost (local resource centre)... all suggestions v helpful & has reminded me about a couple of things we can Google about!

I'm writing this on Jessie's behalf as she's not up to typing today...

We've (at Signpost) been saying that Jessie should ask more questions about her treatment/prognosis/pain relief etc., as I think she's being left in the dark a bit... she's also in a lot of pain...

Does everyone agree (with me!) that she should be a bit more assertive in getting info, and for asking for additional pain relief?

Is this lack of information common?


Hi Graeme/JessieB,

You stated in your first post that you have arthritis, as there are many versions all of them have completely different treatment. To help and be able for you to search into it more it would be best to know which version you have - do you know this?


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