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p.s :))

I just want ot say to those who have just or newly diagnosed with this "thing" . I have had this diease for 20 years and other forms of arthritis for now 45 years (blimey really that long!!!!! ) And I think I spent the first couple getting used to ,if thats the right thing ,to the aches the pain the tired ness oh hell the tiredness , and I hope that eventually you will learn how to judge how you are that day . I am no expert or do I know how each of you feel but I do have a pretty good idea . And hopefully you will learn that resting is good, that excersise is good if you can , plan each day , enjoy when it good and if you want ot feel sorry for yourself ... do . Feeling good and "normal" at home is so differant from being normal in the world, I know I can potter around my flat and do my hair my makeup and dress nice and think, yeah this a good day .. and then go out and find that walked just o many steps, .... feel unable to do that last potter to the coffee shop.. and want ot just go home .. .. I just ask you drain every drop of enjoyment and fun , laugh at the pain if it not too bad curse it if it is . I have done the hermit bit where you just dont want to go out as not want ot spoil others fun, and the ones who dont understand that we can look good even in pain . and today I can smile about it . and I hope that you will sometimes too. some sooner than others .

Today I do feel posative , why , as I am in pain a lot today after my experiment yesterday ..... because have had the all clear from my cancer ,been discharged and told not needed there again.... now one less worry , I know my lungs are rubbish thanks to the reatment ,but hey I am still here and can still feel the pain .. and try to accept it and I really hope that you who are new to this disease will find a way to cope too . no mater how long it takes . And this site is always here to listen and I find that a boost . as I can waffle like this and know that most will know what I mean lol,,,, of out to coffee now with a friend which is funny really as dont drink coffee at home .... please just smile once a day ......take care all

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Commented on your other blog but thanks this is all great to a relative newbie like me. Strangely I find I can hack pain more easily than I can the side effects of the drugs which are wiping the floor with me. But reading your blogs makes me realise that this is only because pain has been absent for a while now - when and if it comes back (as it surely will) I may rue the day I even thought this! TTx


Great post potty...........totally agree with you.


Sorry for short reply have broken arm! left handed typing is a bitch!


I am newly diagnosed just last May..and still angry and coming to terms with all the appointments..the pain..and the comments from people..worst of all the medicines.

Really inspired by your story. Thank you and take care x


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