On Monday I'm going away on a cruise. First time.Never needed to worry about taking comfy shoes or medication with me on holiday before just threw stuff in a bag and off I went, But I need to think what if my feet get sore in these so I better take these and so it goes on OH and a big box of padded plasters just incase the comfy shoes rub my now sensitive feet.Then ther's the medication.A full 8 days supply in the large luggage and repeated again in the hand luggage just in case anything goes astray.Luckily I,m off MTX for a couple of months because of a different complication(and it couldn't have come at a better time!) But the plus of that is I don't feel so sick now and will be able to enjoy all the lovely food (AND WINE)So there is always a light at the end of the tunnel only we have to look a bit harder for it.X I hope the sun shines for everyone.x

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  • Hi

    Really envious of you lol.

    I went on my first cruise last year and loved it, loved it. You will too, I am sure.

    Have a enjoyable wonderful time

    Sci x

  • Hi,

    Please write and let us all know how it went, I would be very interested to know. Having been on several cruises and thoroughly enjoyed them in the past. My last one was spent with one night taking the highest dose of MTX and not being allowed to have a glass or two.

    We are attempting one in October and taking the 'pen' with me, as you say it's the shoes and this time I'm not sure my 'dainty evening shoes' for formal nights will fit. Am busy shopping for new shoes to see if they will suit the clothes and my feet!

    Enjoy yourself, and don't forget the cocktails before dinner they are heavenly! Only reason I am going this time, my rhumy nurse has given me permission to indulge!



  • Hi

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday, we've been talking about going on a cruise for a few year now but never actually done anything about it, so I'm very jealous.


    Beth x

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