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Help please! I'm on the ask again, this time for interview candidates familiar with social networking and/or twitter, flickr et al

Help please!  I'm on the ask again, this time for interview candidates familiar with social networking and/or twitter, flickr et al

I'm hunting for around 25 people, the plot goes something like this...

As broad a range of individuals as possible

Age range doesn’t matter

Both genders and

A range of duration of RA would be great

You'd need to be familiar with some aspects of social media but again, we're happy that this will vary.

As long as you've used things like facebook, twitter, flickr and so on that would be great. And you don't have to have used ALL those, one or two is enough.

If there's any chance of getting some geographical spread around London that would be fantastic.

There's funding to cover travel for participants for interview and the interviews will be run by the University of Brighton.

If you match the criteria and would be willing to take a trip to the seaside please let me know directly!

I'll follow up with you and get more precise details for those involved.

Thank you thank you thank you.

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Sound fascinating, but sadly I'm to far away to take part.

Good luck



Beth, thanks for letting me know, perhaps another time it'll be easier for you to join in! I appreciate it.


Hiya Maimie - I'd be interested to be involved - 29, use facebook and twitter, diagnosed nearly 2 years ago. :)


Katy, that'd be great, can you ping me an email to and I'll pick up from there. Many thanking to you!


Hi Maimie,

This sounds interesting. I have and still do use twitter, facebook and linkedIn. I am 60, retired, live in West London and only recently diagnosed. Just started on MTX (1 week so far)




Richard, that's great, thank you so much. Can you ping me an email to so I can pick up from there? Much appreciate your willingness to help.


Maime, That sounds like a really interesting project, would love to take part. I'm 73, have had RA for nearly 20 yrs and PsA for over 30. I use Facebook several times a day sometimes, however, though I would so dearly love to make the trip, I'm afraid you couldn't afford me. I live in Northern Ohio, USA. But, I could contribute via phone interview, if this would help. Loret


Loret, thank you so much for offering to help. Sadly you're right that on this occasion the trip to London would burst the expenses budget for the university! I'll keep in mind that you're open to telephone interviews if ever I get a suitable request for volunteers. I appreciate your willingness, thank you.


Diagnosed 2.5 years ago I think? just become 48 live in gloucester

Im happy to put my email address in public domain


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