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has anybody else's taste buds changed?


this morning my coffee tasted so revolting that i threw up.

it isn't tbe first time my coffee has tasted different - it sometimes tastes unbearably bitter - like lemons - but the next day day it might taste okay again!

i know it's a very strange question, but has anybody found that this disease has changed their taste buds?

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Do you take methotrexate.I used to get a terrible taste in my mouth. And starange tasting food but was started on injection and fefelt much better x

i'm not on any meds yet (just painkillers) but i've noticed when i feel lousy, some things taste incredibly bitter - i also ate a lemon flavoured jelly sweet a few weeks ago when i was feeling ill and that was much more bitter than they'd usually be. it's like i've suddenly devolped new taste buds, it's something which has never happened to me before i developed the (psoriatic) arthritis . i've always loved coffee but now its sometimes too bitter to drink!

i know that there's a lot worse problems to have other than 'bitter tastes' but i was wondering if this was part of an the disease..


I'm currently having so many different and unpleasant sensations I don't know my a**e from my elbow. I kind of like the altered taste experience because at least I've had it on and off for a few months, so it's well-established! I've had it with and without medication. I think the worst time was when food tasted of absolutely nothing, but I think my cooking was a contributory factor. If possible I think carefully about what I want to eat and try to savour every mouthful - pandering to my taste buds seems to help.

I do enjoy cooking but I've messed up many more meals than usual - I find it difficult to cook well without a discerning palate or much appetite! But like you say, sometimes normal taste is resumed! Is anything a strange question where RA is concerned?

Bon Appetit! Christina x


I had forgotten about this but when my RA symptoms first became severe enough for me to take them to the doctor I had 2 or 3 weeks of the most disgusting taste in my mouth. It was really bitter and I couldn't taste anything much without the food or drink being overpowered by this revolting bitter tang. I looked it up and decided it must be something called Pine Mouth because I had eaten pine nuts in a pasta dish when it started. When I first saw my rheumy he asked me if I could think of anything, no matter how strange, that had happened to me physically over the past few months at the same time as the pain started- so I mentioned this but don't know if it meant anything to him I'm afraid.

Now I have a filthy taste in my mouth for about 3 or 4 days each week following my Methotrexate but that really is traceable! TTx

I decided to google it - something like 'do autoimmune diseases cause changes in taste' and it can be symptom so i'll accept that.

another change was that i've suddenly developed a taste for sugary coffee - i can't drink it anymore without it.

i'll mention the changes in taste at my next doctors appointment, it probably won't seem to be big deal to her but i think that it might be one of my warning signs that i've got inflamation so in a way i'm glad of that change.

I've had a bad taste/smell for several months now - at first I thought it was the Sulphazazine so stopped that - no change. The wondered if it was the Plaquenil as I'd been swapped to the generic one so went back to the brand one - no change.

I've seen the ENT & my sinuses are clear, however found to have a pituitary growth but not thought to be connected.

Saw my asthma dr who wondered if I was reacting to an allergy - no!

It appears it maybe be something to do with my brain giving wrong signals about what I'm eating/smelling.

I can't eat fruit, chocolate except dark choc - which I don't like! Wine & beer, alcohol in general smell & taste foul. I can't eat fish which I love.

Ice cream, cream, yogurt tastes bad.

I can't really describe what the taste is like, somewhere between sweet & fishy!!!

Perfume & cosmetics smell foul too.

It's not very pleasant & I'm missing eating foods I like!

AlMore in reply to PaulineS

Did you ever find out what the cause was it sounds like the same thing I have.

Jdcantsmell in reply to PaulineS

I have the same problem. I've seen an ENT,and the RA Dr. said that the meds is not the cause of it.

so far it's just been coffee and bitter foods that have tasted more bitter but things like shampoos and moistierisers have always had a sour chemically smell too them - i thought that was just me!

they smell so bad that i only wash my hair in mint original source shower gel!

i found something on a website about the staff who work in coffee shops putting a few drops of vanilla essence into the coffee pots to make it smell nicer (and therefore taste better) so i'll try that next time my taste buds play up.

i know it's just coffee but we need some little pleasures in life.

i added a few drops of vanilla to my coffee today but i couldn't smell or taste any difference.

My wife wakes me up with a cup of coffee every morning. The past 3 mornings, every morning, I complained and asked why she mixed tea with the coffee - because that's how the coffee suddenly tasted. She insisted she's making it all the same. I just had coffee from another regular spot and it also tastes like strong tea mixed with coffee - terrible!

Day 4... and everything is fine. Guess what? Our milk at home was off, and so too the milk at the coffee place. Whoa. Check your milk?

I thought it was the Sceletium I started taking... which works better than coffee anyways, and gives me that crisp wide-awake super-lucid feeling you only sometimes get after waking up.

I'd completely forgotten about that, but for years on and off when I first became ill (from 1999) I either found food that I had always loved was just not as tempting anymore (I put that down to a lack of appetite) or occasionally tasted horrible. I never really pursued it as I had more important things to worry about, like which joint replacement was next.

I have also had an experience after my first (of three) joint replacements where literally two days after surgery food started tasting absolutely horrible. Metallic would be the best description but doesn't really do justice to how horrible the taste was. I thought it was just the hospital food at first, but one of the nurses went to the bacon sarny van and got a round of butties in! It tasted the same. I think that lasted for about 8 weeks in total.

It seemed trivial at the time, but over time it meant I wasn't eating very well at all. Nobody seemed interested in the medical world.

It crossed my mind that the post-op one could have been connected with the massive dose of antibiotics they gave me (in an old NHS hospital, possibly fear of infection?). I wondered if it could have been anything to do with the gut microbiome being wiped out, but could find nothing at the time to back up this wild speculation.

I do remember that some medicines cause Dysgeusia (for that is the medical term 😀), but l wasn't always on the same drugs when I experienced it. I also used to say that things smelled different, all connected I guess.

Having been in clinical remission for a few years it seems like a distant (bad) memory now, but if I could be bothered I might look into current research on the gut microbiome and see if there were any connections (gut / brain axis...?).



I am responding to the taste of coffee changing. [I just found out that NRAS is about rheumatoid arthritis, but I have several auto-immune conditions, though (almost strangely) have no problem with arthritis]

My immune system is so low that I have to take a continual high dose of acyclovir to stop shingles going into my frontal lobes and causing dementia. A year or so ago, shingles went into my right eye, initiating uveitis and use dexamethasone drops for this.

Other [probable] auto-immune conditions I've been experiencing for years include nephrotic syndrome, tinnitus, an extreme narcolepsy-chronic fatique condition, and prurigo nodularis, which is often described as a skin condition of unknown cause, but actually is about insect bites or other irritations causing the nerve endings to mutate and grow out over the skin sometimes becoming extremely painful. This is really like a cancerous nerve growth and is ameliorated best by salty cool sea water.

I'm talking herbs to help as an inflamatory, as many of these conditions are quite heat producing, and I need cool airconditioning to drive or even think clearly.

I've had almost continual headaches for a few weeks now, and my favourite coffee is tasting 'sour'. At the café, my soy 'mugacino' is OK with its additional choc sprinkles and sugar, but the self-ground coffee tastes like the milk/soy/oat milk is sour, but it isn't. At a friends, it tastes 'sour' too, and I need to have more sugar, so I know it's not my coffee or milk that's changed.

My mother and a cousin died with glioblastoma; his sister has crohn's. My sense of smell can be so extreme, when my GP was examining my uveitis, he though I was reacting to the bright light used. I had trouble trying to explain his breath was probaly normal, but to me it made me want to throw up. I also had trouble in the clinics reception with the place smelling of diarrhoea [though others wouldn't smell this]. My mother was born with no sense of smell [anosmia], while I occasionally have hypersensitivities.

I have been asking for an immune specialist for years, but the 'system' in Australia doesn't seem to accomodate for people with several chronic and life-threatening conditions, preferring to send one to one hospital specialist or another, but not connecting anything.

I will be seeing my neurologist again soon, if I'm well enough to get there- there's only a 2.47am train to Brisbane specialists, only a 2-hour trip away, but also has no same day return service!

Sorry, I may have the wrong site for my conditions, but I'm just feeling at a loss, and will have to go to sleep again.

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