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Horrible methotrexate day

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I had to skip two weeks worth of mtxate because of a red face reaction to light. So last night I forced myself to take the nasty eight tabs. Woke this morning with a horrible cramp in my guts and decided to give in for a while and went back to bed to snooze with radio 4 - my favourite thing. Somehow radio programmes always sound more interesting when you only hear part of it and struggle to keep awake!

My partner took the cat to the vets for her annual injection and because she's been hunting mice, she had to have a worming tablet. Apparently it tasted of chicken. Now wouldn't that be worth thinking about - I wonder what the nicest taste for our regular mtxate tab would be? I'm thinking mint actually because I'm feeling so nauseous.

Hope you're all brighter than I feel today,


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Hope now that you have been bad to bed you feel brighter. I don't have any reactions to mtx thankfully. Now what taste would i like how about apples!!


That's nice for a start. For some reason?? I thought you were going to say brandy or christmas pudding...

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Now why would you think that,i don't drink Cathie happily. Xmas maybe, chocolate now your talking. There is a reason why i don't like brandy,but i won't go into it here as this seems to try and be a cheerful blog. Yes definately chocolate. Are you feeling brighter now you have got up again. I hope so Cathie. love sylvi.xx

I don't drink either - cos of the meds I take. But I like to smell a glass of wine, whisky or brandy! And maybe just a sip...

I went out into our wee garden and planted some more nasturtiums - they're doing very well this year. I find just poking about in the garden helps to lift your spirits and to forget you're feeling rubbish. My pots even needed watering this afternoon! No heavy lifting but the odd poke is good. I bought a wooden stand of boxes stacked on top of one another as I thought it would be easy to work, so the bottom two shelves are packed with marigolds and things like t hat, but our cat (she of the chicken tablets ...) sits on the top tier which I was planning to plant with nasturtiums. I'll have to wait til she finds another favourite place.

I think my experience today is that it isn't a good idea to skip your regular dose of mtx.

Oh dear sorry to read of you too falling prey to the horrible MTX nausea reaction Cathie. I relate entirely. Your face had calmed down so much when I saw you on Friday night so I can see it's a tricky one as you obviously felt very aware of it when you were up here although it actually just looked like a healthy glow but because I'm prone to facial rashes I knew exactly how you felt with it. I guess if we skip doses (which I've never done yet) it will bite us more when we return - not a nice drug really and I'm dreading taking my 7 little tablets tomorrow night. My GP wondered today why we have to take them once a week rather than splitting the dose over the week since they work cumulatively. He suggested I ask the rheumy why it's only taken once a week. I suppose it helps to identify side effects and separate from other drugs which are taken daily for one thing but I really don't know why we have to take all these pills in a oner except that it's good at least to get it out of the way and look forward to the days where things are better later on in the week? I think I would choose acacia ginger for my flavouring - lucky cat! And I can vouch for the prettiness of your wee garden too! TTx

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Thankyou for your various kind words. I dont see a healthy glow when that skin reaction is going but if thats what you see its reassuring

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Well the truth is I know so well how it feels to have an allergic reaction that i do see how you feel first but then that's just me - I also know most others won't see that at all. Gosh we've certainly seen each other at low ebb haven't we - what about that night when you came upstairs to chat and I was lying there feeling like death with sickness two weeks ago tonight?! I've decided that the Hydroxy is contributing to MTX nausea because I'm feeling icky tonight and it's a whole week since MTX but it usually comes on to a lesser extent after I've had my hydroxy dose so don't think I can blame MTX entirely. Lots of us take a cocktail Nel60 but I think MTX sticks out because of the once a week thing. Tilda x

I must be very lucky I just swallow the mtx with my cup of tea usually after porridge.I must say I dont have the same interest or enjoyment of food but I'm lucky don.t even think about them within the cocktail of other things i.m taking.x

Sorry to hear you are feeling peaky. Going back to bed with radio 4 sounds lovely & cosy tho' and hope you feel better.

I feel such an MTX virgin, well almost ... have just gone up from 7.5 mg to 15 mg. No real problems - bit of a red face, a few spots, funny cold feeling in tummy - but it's the thought of possibly taking it every week for the rest of my natural that does my head in.

I don't care what the tablets taste like but it's well nigh time someone developed a new version of MTX that doesn't interfere with drinking. My friends and my sons think it's hilarious that I've got a disease that effectively rules out alcohol and I agree it is some sort of sick cosmic joke.

Sorry to be grumpy - I reckon it's 'cos I've just reduced the Prednisolone - seems like drugs or lack of them are calling the shots!

Christina xx

Oh my ! I agree completely esp as ive started to feel selfrighteous about not drinking - dont like that! Id settle for meds which dont make you feel rough, so you dont have to take 8 nasty little pills once a week. But its nice to hear from the community of fellow sufferes with reassuring common experiences.

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I'm actually manage to combine being desperate for a drink with self-righteousness about not drinking. Works for me!

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we have to enjoy what we can don't we!

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