MTX or Me or Both?

Afternoon all,

I've just phoned for results of my first MTX - related blood test. To me it seems like amazingly good news tho' have not spoken to a doctor. I want to share it & the dog doesn't give a damn.

I'm no longer anaemic and my ESR is down from 76 to 4!! Oh, and liver is fine as well. Have only had 3 weeks of MTX plus 4 weeks of Prednisolone so I reckon maybe, just maybe I'm fighting inflammation myself as well??

Hope you all have a nice day with sunny intervals at the very least,

Christina x

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  • Fantastic news Christina, how encouraging, yes our bodies can recover and we don't have to be in pain and misery all the time, and the Sun well, I am waitin!

  • Thanks Caggy!

    You might not have to wait too long, farmers round here reckon it'll be a gorgeous August. x

  • Lovely news christina, just goes to show how mtx can be if it is given in the right dosage.

    Good on you christina long may it last.


  • Thanks Sylvi!

    Yes, I hope people starting on MTX will be encouraged - at least it has done me no harm so far & it might have done a lot of good. x

  • Fabulous news Christina, it's great to hear. Hope you continue in the same vain.

    Mags x

  • Well done you! I hope it continues. It's really nice to hear someones good news.

    Carolyn x

  • Brilliant news Christina! Well done.

    Mary x

  • Thanks everyone! If anyone has a 'yes, but ...' from their own experience I'm up for that too - if the results aren't as significant as I hope they are then I'll get to know about it sooner or later. I know that this disease is sneaky but I'm feeling like I can beat it whatever it might decide to do next. I will be having 175ml of wine this evening - it's wild round here.


    Christina x

  • Good on you ....I've been on MTX for about 3 years and have never had any has done what it was meant to do & I can get on with my life. Hope the same is true for you. I have a glass of wine too and my rheumy is quite happy with that! I find the trick is just to take the meds and forget what they are!

  • Yay Christina. Go girl - just keep your dog away from the wine you mad thing you.

    Judy xxx

  • best news ever Christina....

  • That is wonderful Christina! Only one thing though - the Prednisolone might be doing the anti-inflammatory job at this stage rather than the MTX but I only say this to avoid disappointment when you start to wean off it. That is a huge drop though and I'm sure your instincts will tell you which drug is doing it best too. I was excited about my ESR dropping from 62 to 34 but yours is record! Have some extra wine for me please. TTxxxxx

  • You mind reader! How do you do that? I'd just been checking when I have to reduce the Prednisolone (tomorrow) & wondering what that might bring. I thought the steroids brought down inflammation but wasn't sure. I think taking less might dent my positivity a tad as well, but then maybe I'll sleep better...

    I'm going to try not to get too uptight about wanting everything to be perfect.

    Are you feeling better???

    Christina x

  • wow thats so good and its great to hear good news. Enjoy the break from your RA!! Keep well, love


  • Hi there. Yes the steroids do calm inflammation so will have something to do with your drop in ESR. And MTX will only just be starting to get going after 3 weeks. But really, really don't let that rain on your parade, as from reading about people's reactions on here it does seem that if your first response to everything is good that's a good sign for the future. So, having got over that first awful bit of having to take the yellow pills in the first place, don't let your confidence wobble now. My MTX pills are now my best friend, and I love them dearly. Pollyx

  • Great news & Enjoy feeling good. I've also had really good reaction to MTX with very few side effects. After 9 weeks I'm having quite a few (almost normal) days, hardly any tiredness/stiffness. I've also managed to cut down from 3 diclofenac + assorted painkillers a day to the odd one as and when. Am off to Latitude Saturday and plan to enjoy it! Long may our improvement last.

    Take care.


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