Rheumatoid Arthritis in Remission

Hi Drummer, This is the first time I have used this site but I felt I had to tell you that I have had no medication for my RA for 2.1/2 years and touch wood I have had no flare ups or any other problem. The biggest problem now is osteo arthritis but I will put that down to my age. I was on Methotrexate for 8 years. Enjoy your RA free days.

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  • How on earth do you get away with no meds

  • Well done you! It's lovely to hear of people who go Into to a full remission....gives me real hope that it could happen to me too, thanks! Polly

  • Hi, did you come off MTX slowly as suggested by your doc or did u do it yourself?

    Only asking as I often think the MTX is worse than the R A...

    Really good to hear a feel good ending, jan

  • hi there

    I was on 8 tablets of MTX a week 4 on a saturday and 4 on sunday I have slowly started to reduce them as i felt the ra had gone into remission I saw my consultant and he thpught that it had too So i am so happy that it had I never thought for one day that it woulld go into remission I still am taking MTX but on a smaller dose 2 on sat and 2 on sunday so I shall see what will happen hopefully i can get to stop taking MTX altogether But YES it can go into remission I still get a few twinges but nothing to what i used to get So dont give up it can happen !!!!! Bye for now I will keep you posted on the outcome XXXXX

  • This gives me hope too. I've started hating MTX as Jan says it's worse than the RA for some of us - but on the other hand it works very well on my RA so I hope one day I can stop taking it and find myself in remission like you. Do tell us if you did this with support from your medical team or not please. Tilda x

  • What fantastic news.!!!! I too have had no medication due to side effects stopped about 15days ago. Joints feel ok. A little sore but not swollen. Still feel exhausted. So will keep you lovely peopled updated.

  • I did it on my own Tilda

  • But this does not mean that we are all the same I just thought i would cut MTX down and just see how it went so far so good my consultant said he thinks it has gone into remission but he has not told me to stop the MTX I have to go and see the rummy nurse in october so i shall see how it goes

  • It was suggested by my Consultant that I tried to come of Methotrexate and my dose of 15mg per week was gradually reduced. I was advised that if I had a flare up it might be possible to have a steroid injection but if I had major problems then it would be back of the methotrexate. I consider myself very lucky and I am very thankful for the remission.

  • Thanks Coulson that's really interesting to know. Rosedale I was really wanting to know what Coulson had done because that is complete remission rather than partial like you've got to - although that's great news too and do tell us if you manage to quit MTX altogether and have no flare ups.

    I would like to try stopping too because I always wonder how on earth we can know if we've actually beat the RA unless we stop taking the meds? but would only want to do this if I had my consultant and my GP's approval. I asked my GP and he said it would probably be much too soon and as it has taken me 7 months to get up to 17.5 mgs of MTX and 400mg Hydroxy it would be a shame to find out the hard way that it had come back and then have to start all over again. My consultant said that it generally does come rudely back when his patients stop taking MTX but then I haven't been on DMARDs for nearly as long as you were to begin with. I so hope the remission lasts - come back and tell us if it does or doesn't won't you please! Tilda x

  • That's good to hear. I'd feel really nervous if I didn't take any meds.

    Hope you continue to be pain free.

  • I dont think i will stop the mtx altogether i shall just reduce it slightly and just see what happens if there is a little in my system it will perhapes just keep it at bay well hears hoping anyway lol

  • I dont think i will stop the mtx altogether i shall just reduce it slightly and just see what happens if there is a little in my system it will perhapes just keep it at bay well hears hoping anyway lol

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