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Hi all

Well I finally got my ill heath retirement and I can't tell you what a relief it is.

It was not an easy process and the independent occupational health doctor I saw made me feel like I was in court,,,horrid experience.

I am still waiting for my pension...local government...wheels seem to move slowly!

So the long and short of it..I now have a life...I am working hard on my mobility and fitness..Tai Chi, Pilates and Aqua fit! (All for over 50s!) Getting more rest and watching the tennis!

So far so good...miss my teaching job and the kids and staff, but know I have done the right thing.

Going to be poorer in financial terms but will have a richer life without the stress.

Wishing everyone well.


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Congratulations, hopefully not having the stress of work will help you to feel


Congrats enjloy your retirement and i hope with less stress you might not have as much pain,

luckyloo52 vivienne Taylor


Enjoy your retirement. love sylvi.xx


Congratulations! I too retired early from teaching. You will miss the people, but you will soon start to feel much healthier.

And nothing beats a lie in when you feel bad, with no guilty conscience about who you might be letting down.


Thanks Phoebe. I know I will get used to it. And I already feel better, my pain levels are less and as you say I don't have the worry of not being able to get into work now, which really added to the stress levels. :-)


Hi Adelaide, you will probably be suprised at what money you won't be spending now you are retired !

Given time you will wonder just how you managed to fit in the time to go to work.

Enjoy the sunshine (as and when you can manage to find some)

Judi xxxx


Well done Adelaide, You might even achieve a remission. look forward to reading your adventures.


I'm hoping to be able to get early retirement from teaching. The stress and the all round busy-ness of the job are taking their toll and wearing me out. Fatigue and brain-fog mean I struggle to keep up in the classroom and with all the outside bits too. I'm pleased to hear you got yours - enjoy. xx


So pleased for you . i went through the same process ( as a social worker)a few years back having struggled on longer than I should have . It is a gruelling and unpleasant process to get your pension.. I think it took me a year after I actually reired to accept that life was going to be very different but there was no doubt that my symptoms were beter controlled once I could pace myself.


Hi there!

I was really interested when you described you've managed to access IHR, as I too am a social worker going through an horrendous ordeal with IHR at the moment here in Devon. Do you have an hints or tips as I know it must have been hell for you if its been the same as for me? Asa's mum


Well done Adelaide you must be so relieved as I know the stress that IHR causes!You will probably be so much better in all ways including the pain being less as we know thats half of the cause with RA. Our jobs dont help us in that regard.

I am still going through the process after being dismissed from my job after 14 years as social worker through absence, whilst the saga of IHR goes on. Union and health workers in the middle of it. So I wish you well and hope to join you somewhen !!!

Asa's mum xx



I too have just resigned from my teaching job (in college). The job was tiring me out particularly with all the extra pressure from above making it an endless round of micro-management and bureaucracy on top of all the planning and marking - and I was only part time! My days off were never my own and I felt permanently stressed and exhausted. I already feel so much better yet I still have a few weeks left to work. Here's to us all who have battled on for too long in stressful jobs with a chronic condition - too conscientious to ever taking day off, I'm definitely going to be poorer but happier and, hopefully, healthier. xx


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