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Claiming DLA

I have made a claim for dla at the end of april, they have written to me three times, once to say they were writing to my consultant, the second to say they were writing to my GP and this last time to ask if i drive a manual car and details of my employment and what adjustments have been made to accommodate me. Any ideas why they have asked these questions ?

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Hi Jules

The standard time for a decision about DLA is roughly 12 weeks depending on how quickly doctors reply. As for them writing 3 times, their keeping you informed of your claims progress which again is normal procedure.

One reason they may be asking these questions is to confirm the level of disability you've described in the forms is the same as your Consultant and GP have indicated in their answers, also, they may feel your level of disability indicates you need additional help/adaptions at work and they're checking this out with you and possibly your employer.

Hope this answers your question.

Beth x


Hi Beth

Thanks for that, do i have to give them my employers details and why do you think they want to know if i drive a manual car.

Jules x


I'm only guessing and I think they're fishing for info, but we don't have any idea what's going on in the mind of the decision maker.

It's possible if you've said something about difficulty with your legs and/or left arm and they're fishing to see what you can actually do with those limbs and driving requires continued use of limbs, I am only guessing same as for work, they can't contact your employer without your written consent anyway. xx


Hi, I think they are tightening up the rules for all benefits.

(I may be more paranoid than necessary, but that's what the DWP people have done to me.)

All we can do is be honest about our condition, in the context of our worst days. Good luck!

I do hope you qualify. Without my Blue Badge I probably wouldn't go out much at all anymore.

If they turn you down, appeal immediately. It takes many of us 2 goes to get it.


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