People within 50 miles of me please contact me , I am in St, Ives, I have found the closest place for support group to me is Falmouth

, I am trying to organize or find some meetings closer to this area, even if we have to start our own, with the assistance of the NRAS, I locally have a venue, that has been offered to us It is the Metta Centre, I have been offered a room to use at least once or twice a month. Now I just need to move on from here, any suggestions?? I would like to keep this open not only Ra, but possibly Me and Fibromyalga as I know they are similar insofar as the can be what I call silent ilness I mean we sometimes look fine on the outside, and people Just DONT get US. I have spoke to someone on a phone conversation a month or so ago, and she is willing to aid me in this Venture, And I am Hoping possibly you know more people in your area, that dont have a venue option closer than Falmouth. i would like some opinions, as I have found this site to be sooo helpful, and I know that meeting people who are like us, would be great, to be able to discuss our concerns, problems, without Judgement.

Lisa ((Hugs))

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Hi Lisa. Good luck with organising the support group. I was wondering whether you could contact people in your local area by asking to put up flyers in GP surgeries and in the outpatient waiting rooms of your local hospitals. Hope that you get a good response. Wendy xx


Hi Lisa

You could try the Directory tab and then the In my area tab. This shows you who is near you and you can send them a message. Good luck!




Hi there, I wanted to wish you all the best with your group. It was me who called you from NRAS and as I said on the phone we'll be happy to send you publications etc. on RA when you've got your group up and running. I look forward to hearing how you get on, I'm sure there are others who'll be happy to join you.:-)


Hello Maime

Yes I do remember you, You really gave me motivation to do something with a group, maybe you could send me a personal email to discuss a few things,

I did get a little confused on one bit of our discussion, about having X amount of volunteers, I think I just need a bit of guidance on the do's and don'ts. Thanks Again for taking the time to contact me as you did, I will see Sylvia again on Saturday for an evening, I am looking forward to that.

Lisa ((hugs))


Hi Lisa, Great you have a meeting place! Best idea is to keep all of the auto-immune diseases in one support Group. You may not get more than one or two who are not RA or Fibro. But I have found they do share similar symptoms and treatments. Usually they would be Lupus and Schleroderma patients.

Now, just post some introductory advertising, maybe put a notice in the local newspapers, and a poster on bulletin boards, wherever people put ads for cats and dogs and old cars, etc.

Just ask if anyone with RA or Fibromyalgia or other auto-immune diseases would be interested in joining a support group, and where and when the meetings are. Then contact you at your phone number.

Good luck, you're on your way.

You can contact me anytime if you need to. Loretta


Hi Lisa

I currently run a group in Weston Super Mare with the help of NRAS, it was only me and my friend who started it, we have a facebook page and group called WARM Weston Area Rheumatoid Matters NRAS, if you have facebook please add the group i can give you some tips or help along the way if you wanted. I think it is important to have these groups for people to come too, i have benefited from them even though i run it, it still helps me, Wishing you luck and all the best xx

Dana x


Hello Dana,

How Lovely for you to offer your assistance, I would absolutely appreciate and help I can, I do have a Small Venue available, that has been offered for the start, depending on how it grows, well, Cross that bridge then, I will Look for your face book and look forward to keeping in touch, Thanks Again

Lisa XX


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