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Suffering from toothache like pain in different parts of my body

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Was diagnosed with hypermobility in shoulders back in 2008. I was also told recently that I had the start of arthritis in my neck. Since early this year, I have been experiencing toothache like pain in different parts of my body, especially down my forearm to thumb, in head and down right shin bone. Symptoms are worse when there is rain. I am also always really tired. I also have an ache in my right upper jaw. I am lots of pills but had no diagnosis - amatriptayline, gabapentin, celebrex, co-codamol and tramadol. Does anyone have any idea of what is going on?

4 Replies

Hi Louise. Before I went on Methotrexate my RA pain was very much as you describe, like toothache, and moved from joint to joint - polyarthritis I think it's called. Then it settled in my hands and wrists and became pretty intense and excruciating until I got the diagnosis of RA.

I think the most common place for RA to settle is in your knuckles and middle finger joints and wrists, toes and feet, often symetrically, and when it's there it usually shows up in the form of hot and swollen synovial joints. This is how i was diagnosed anyway.

Push to see a rheumatologist and ask for blood tests. As I'm sure you know already there are 200 different types of arthritis and many cause the symptoms you describe so it's a process of adding up all the symptoms and test results etc for a consultant to make a diagnosis. This can take time unfortunately but it's better that they are certain than with you ending up on powerful and potentially toxic disease modifying drugs if you don't actually need them. Good luck. Tilda x

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Thank you for responding Scouser and Tida x

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Hi Louise.Before I was diagnosed with RA .I had throbbing pain all over too to start with..even my jaw and cheekbones..felt like I had bumped and bruised myself. It has now settled and it is my arms knees and hands, wrists and feet...takes wee turns to itself .Shooting pains down my arms and shins too. I hope you feel better soon xxx

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Deep, penetrating, unrelenting, pain that you cannot get away from. I get it in the hips and sacro-iliac joints. The only thing so far that knocks it out are oral steroids. My "RA" doc isn't prescribing anything bc he is overwhelmed by my multiple symptoms. I have back pain (just had the surgery so THAT issue should be resolved) and I have A FIBROMAYALGIA diagnosis that clouds every doctors brain that I come into contact with. Next doc I see I won't even mention the F word. So all I can do is sympathize with u that your pain IS real and it is horribly debilitating. I hope you find a RA doc soon. Don't put it off. From what I have read the RA can permanently damage your joints if you don't treat it.

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