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10 days and counting

10 days to the big day......the knee operation, not sure if its going to be a partial or full replacement, my consultant is going to make that decision when he is in there!!! (i just love surprises!!!!) the last visit to him i told him my knee was getting worse and when he had a look he said it felt worse so will make the decision on the day.

I've heard some great results and some horror stories but im sure everyone has a story to tell about their replacement, but im being positive and i really can't go on with my knee like this. I know it's going to be painful, and hardwork but im prepared for that (i think).

well i'll let you all know how i get on x

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Aston, i wish you well for you op. If you do the exercises and rest as well you'll be fine. The majority of knee replacements go very well. Don't dwell on the negative and you'll be fine. All the best sylvi.xx


I seem to remember you like bikes? So maybe focus on the end result of being able to get back on a bike, rather than the op that needs to happen first? I find it helps me when i list out the positives, like with taking MTX I try to think about it squashing the RA so i can ignore it making me feel sick.... And treats! They always help too.. Polly


Ashton, I've had both knees replaced, 5 years ago, 6 months apart..they are the best part of me! I can tuck my feet all the way back under a chair, I can put one foot over the other knee, and I can straighten them both out.

The whole secret to recovery and rehabilitation is the Physical Therapy. It will hurt to bend it at first, but every day it'sa easier. Take your pain meds about an hour before any scheduled exercises to make it morre comfortable. At home, bend it often, but try not to sit with it bent. Over a pillow in your recliner would be ideal. All the best of luck, Loretxx


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