whats going on here then,???

hi all , hope everyone is having a good day, mine started ok, got up ,had porridge, had meds, went for shower, then as was drying toes, i noticed this strange thing going on with my middle toe, its decided to part company with the others, its now starting to head north, where as the others are all going south, now i know its been a bit sore as of late, but i did,nt realize it wanted to leave home, has anyone else had the same problem, sue x

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  • Perhaps that little piggy has gone to market?

    Could it be cramp?

    Judy x

  • ha ha never thought of that, no its not cramp, cant explain it,its just strange, sue x

  • Is it the old ra wanting to take a trip? xx

  • hi sylvi, i have no idea whats going on, have had a lot of pain in my left foot, [can hear a film title here] in the last 12 months, its got to be something to do with that, was supposed to have had them jabbed back in january, but chickened out , anywhere else dont mind ,but am funny with toes, ha ha, so will wait and see what happens, hope your knee is feeling a little better now, take care ,sue.

  • I know we joke about it,but it is horrible having to have surgery, i can understand your reluctance i really do. I have had 2 ops on my knee now and there is a long recovery from this last op and to say i'm finding it hard this time is an understatement. You want to think about that op seriously. Ask to see what exactly they do and how will it help you. Ask if there is someone you can see who has had the op and fin out how they got on. I was funny about my eyes,but last year i had mine cauterised and it was a lot easier than i thought, so if it will help you walk better go for it. sylvi.xxx

  • yes its a funny old world, we do have to make fun of our "situation", if we did,nt we would all be round the bend, ha ha ops are a very last resort for me as they are for a lot of people , its only been the last 2 years that i have took any form of meds for any conditions, so i am still struggling with every pill i take, i think i am conducting my own personnal survey , on how much pain i can have before i give in, though i have given in a lot at the moment, lol, still it keeps me going, well sort of , take care sue x

  • Have you seen a podiatrist? My toes also head in different directions now, and I think it's similar to ulnar drift in that changes to bones make toes do different things. I decided not to have injections into joints as in my case is was the bone changes rather than inflammation. So instead I'm getting some custom insoles made which I hope will provide enough support to stop toes drifting off altogether! Polly

  • hi polly, no i have,nt seen one of them, how do you get to see one , i would rather do something like that, then other forms of treatment, thank you for your advice, sue

  • Ask your GP or your rheumy to refer you to one, and tell them you have lots of foot pain. Took me several months and a few reminders to get there, but made it eventually, Px

  • thank you will do , will let you know if anything comes of it, take care sue x

  • Flowerpot could it be the ulnar drift affecting your toes - Tilda had it in her fingers and i have exercises to do on my hands to stop my third finger drifting further. Or like Creaky says it may just have got a bit fed up and started off the market.

  • Yes I was just going to say about my little finger drifting off after one particularly nasty flare up in my ulnar joint (wrist) so maybe the same thing is happening in your toe? Certainly sounds like it. Although the physio in my telemed rheumy apt the other day held her hand up and said "SNAP!" when I showed the rheumy - which was most annoying because hers hadn't turned round as well and anyway it was my consultation not hers for heaven's sake! A podiatrist sounds like the person for you - it's such a strange disease isn't it? I recall when I woke up one morning and one of my finger knuckles had swollen up so it looked heavily pregnant - lasted a day and must have given birth to an invisible baby knuckle because it's never returned or been a problem since!? TTx

  • I'd like to throttle your physio

  • I agree with Cathie, how unprofessional is that? Truly appalling behaviour!

  • hi tilda, people can be such uncaring " things", before i gave up work , i use to work in a factory, where i stood all day, at the end of the day when o/h came to pick me up ,because i had stood all day,i had great difficulty, in walking and bending down to get in the car, they use to come out just to watch me struggle, and find it funny, they said i walked like a " geisha girl", and no these was,nt young people, they were all in their 50s and 60s, so if people who you have worked with for many years dont understand ,what chance have we got with anyone else, anyway as i see it , there still there sweating, and i [when the weather is nice] am chilling out in the garden, [ karma ], now back to what i was going to say, yes it could be as both my hands are going all over the place, cant wear my wedding rings anymore, which is annoying me, need to get them stretched, ha ha [ need to get every thing stretched at the moment lol ] have appointment with rheumy nurse in july, started mtx at begining of may, so she wants to see me, and i will show her then and she what she has to say, yes it is a strange disease you never know where its going next, when i read some of these blogs on here its heart breaking, yet everyone still has time for everyone else, [ all people in general would benifit from a couple of months of this, would make them better people], anyway hope you have manage d to sort out your things, thank you for your help, take care, sue x

  • Thats dreadful recyour colleagues calling you names Sue? God it's like the middle ages not the 21st Century? I've had 2 people say to me that they've had RA scares in the past few weeks and having looked it up online both have decided that it's something to truly dread - and I've agreed. They moan about fractures that have incapacitated them but I've pointed out that quite often we have joints that play broken and then disappear the next day - its the uncertainty of when and where it will crop up next that makes it all such a rollercoaster for us. TTx

  • it is a rollercoaster, we go up and then we come down, we just have to hope that we stay up longer than we stay down, and yes bones do play broken my wrist felt like that for about 4 months even with the strap on, and my shoulder felt like it had been dislocated, at least with a fracture you know it will get better, we can only hope, sue x

  • So do I but I want to emphasise that she isn't my physio - who is really nice! This one is in my choir - an example of why living in a small island community isn't always easy! TT x

  • I'm on my way!!

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