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What a Train journey - hope to do it again!

Had a wonderful day on the Orient Express last Friday to celebrate our wedding anniversary. There was a congratulatory card waiting for us at our table on the train signed by the Chef de Train + champagne after we boarded, a wonderful 5 course lunch with wine, spread over some hours. We started with salmon terrine, followed by Kentish Asparagus Soup, then guinea fowl, cheese and biscuits and what they called white chocolate junket but not like the junket we had at school. Ghastly runny stuff which I hated and still do. this was more like a pannacotta and was scrumptious. Could have eaten two! + raspberry coulis to go with it.

Then coffee with chocolates presented in individual boxes embossed with the Orient Express logo.(we haven't eaten those yet). We stopped at Whitstable for more champagne and oysters (which I didn't eat as can't stand the look of them). But enjoyed the champagne! Jazz Band on the platform and most people dressed up including us. We went for 1930s style gear and Himself looked the part with his panama hat on. I went for floaty linen trousers, a linen jacket and a floaty pink and silvery scarf. Of course, reality intruded when we got back to King's Cross to get the train home. After all the pampering and cossetting on the OE, tramping half round King's X to find the right platform was not my idea of fun and my feet, knees and hips really let me know about it. Pretty exhausted by the end of the day but we had such a glorious time quite cheered me up. Did buy two champagne flutes as souvenirs of our trip (embossed with the OE logo), also collected brochures about the train and its beautiful carriages (we were in Perseus which had a loo with mosaics on the floor - everyone kept disappearing into the loo clutching cameras!). And of course, kept the menu. I can really recommend it. It is pricey just for the day but well worth it. LavendarLady

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Sounds fab- am very jealous! Xx


Ah what a lovely trip and a fantastic way to celebrate your anniversary. Congratulations too! So worth putting up with a few sore bits :-) Well done.

Julie xx


wow what great fun xx


Sounds like a great way to celebrate. Happy Anniversary!



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