Chronic lung disease and inflam arthritis

Does anyone else have chronic lung disease and arthritis. I have bronchiectasis and inflam arthritis causing daily pain which presents anywhere and everywhere, most often in back, toe, neck, jaw and fingers.

I cannot take NSAIs because it caused ulceration to lower bowel. Tried hydroxy which initially seemed to help, but after a month or so began having flashes which progressed into full blown pretty constant migraine. I have been prescribed Sulpha and haven't managed to get on them yet as I had facial surgery because of lentigo maligna (pre cancerous). Pathology found rogue cells in the margins and so had to use cream which latches onto rogue cells and promotes the immune system to attack them. Since Christmas samples from my lungs have cultured haemopyllus influenzae and I have been on virtually constant antibiotics during this time.

I was interested to read, if a bit alarmed, that some of the dmrds are photosensitive. This is concerning to me as some of the abs I take for my lungs are also photosensitive and I have my facial stuff to consider, although I always use factor 50+.

My inflam markers are always very difficult to interpret - is it the lungs or the arth or both at any one given time. Aaargh.

A rheumy I had suggested it is thought there is thought to be a connection between bronchiectasis and inflam arthritis - makes sense to me as my immune system has always had to work overtime as it were. I don't have the R factor. My lung cons did say you can get sulphasalazin lung Aaaargh again. Take so many drugs and nebs I am concerned I can tell you re starting these drugs.

If what my rheumy says is correct re bronchs and inflam arthritis when I would hope to hear from someone in a similar position or any helpful suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


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I have COPD and RA plus too many other illnesses, I take Sulfasalazine 6 tablets a day, fortunately they worked for me until l very recently, alot of pain has started to return in my ankles and other places, I hope you can find the answers you are looking for.



Thank you for your reply Philip. Really sorry to hear you have lots of health issues to deal with. It is good to hear you managed to take sulfa with some success but I am sorry you are experiencing pain now. Hope they get that sorted out for you soon.

Did taking sulpha have any effect on your ability to fend or fight lung infections?

This is my main concern. As it is the bugs head for the cosy environment I offer them (with reluctance) within my lungs, even though I do everything I can possibly do and live a life at the same time - nebulise and do physio every day and up the frequency when feeling yuk.

The photosensitivity is worrying too.

Like you I have other health issues but the non cf bronchiectasis (which I have managed well all my life) and the inflam arth (which is really not controlled and which I find very draining) are the most problematic.

Anybody else with any helpful comments please!



I am so sorry you have so much to deal with cofdrop. I have longstanding RA and I have been having unexplained breathlessness for a year or so and was referred by the rheumatologist to a chest specialist. I don't have bronchiostasis and my symptoms are still uneplained but thought you might be interested to know that the chest specialist did tell me (as has my GP) that lung involvement can be a complication of RA - either (if my understanding is correct) as a direct result of the RA itself, or of some of the meds. So I guess it's possible that your existing lung condition could be made worse by your inflammatory arthritis. Re the photosensitivity I have seen others post about this re methotrexate - and I think of Sulpha too. All I will say is that there are lots of inflammatory arthritis meds out there so hopefully, there will be one (or a combination) which you can take without exacerbating your other conditions.

Thinking of you.



Thank you Tilly for your reply. Your GPs comments were interesting and were along the same lines as my old rheumy's comments. I have had bronch since babyhood but arth much later in life, but I cannot afford to take meds which will have a detremental effect on my lungs but can't carry on with this pain. Difficult dilema.

Tilly I am really sorry you are having sob and I soooo hope they can get to the bottom of this and offer you some help.

Love cofdrop XXX


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