Hi All

The final chapter it seems in my swelling for the last month has ended with me flaring.

I was in flare pain since tuesday at work. Asked to go home, as I had a light timetable as the yr 11's have left and yr 7's where on a residential trip. Cover was tight, so I was unable to go home. Wednesday I woke and my joints were minging to high noon. Still did not realise I was flaring. Just thought I over did it at work and was kicking myself for not insisting I be allowed to go home.

By mid afternoon I had, had enough and rang the hospital. They offered me a steroid injection. But I could not walk, how was I gonna get to the hosptial?

I was unable to go to work today due to the pain I am still in and I hoping that today is the last day of this dreaded flare pain, as its been constant, but not as bad now as wed or thursday.

You forget what flare pain is like because of the drugs where on, then you get miserable and think how much you hate ra and then why you!

I am at the why me stage and am feeling very resentful. I guess that is normal.

looking forward to the half term hols and hoping I will not be sick for all of it and will be able to get out & about some time.

Take care all and enjoy the long wkend break

Joanne x

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Oh Joanne my love, i am sending you cyber hugs. This ra is bloody hard work isn't it. My fingers are having fun with me at the moment, NOT. I've got a lot of swelling in my hands to go with the trouble i'm getting from the knee hence i'm downstairs. My poor hubby is so asleep i don't think he knows i've left the bed yet. He needs all the rest he can get bless him. He is superman at looking after me.

I hope my friend that when you get this you will have just woken up at about 9.00am in the morning. Sleep tight. love sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi

Got up about 8, which is alot later than usual. I felt alot better, than I have on previous mornings, but still returned to my norm.

It appears that the flare is easing and I have just woken up for a late lunch. Still needed pain relief, 1 though and I took anti flams, so I am hoping I won't need anymore until I go to bed.

I plan to rest up today again and then try & resume my life tomorrow.

Many thanks

Joanne x


Sorry to hear you're in a bad way Joanne, have you managed to have your steroid jab yet? I'm not familiar with how things work yet but can't your doctor or district nurse come to you if you can't walk? I hope things get better for you soon so you can enjoy your time off. All the best

Paula x


Hi Pauly

I suppose the gp would have had to administer it, but gp don't give regular injection and that would definately have been painful.

No I need my botty to much lol.

Cheers Jx


Hi there, hope it's even better today and you can enjoy a bit of the long weekend. Take it easy. Polly


Hope you are feeling better x


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