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mtx with hydrochloriquin?

Hi. I'm on Cimzia with methotrexate and I am haveing a kajor flare so my rheumy has put me on Hydrochloriquin as well. Does anyone else have this regime and is it working? i'm really struggling to move at the mo' so I hope it's going to help..

Also I was prescribed Mebeverine a few weeks ago to help with the nausea from MTX and I got a hor rash on my face neck and chest for a few days after each does. Has anyone had this reaction and could it have prompted the flare?

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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Hi I have the methotrexate in injection form - 1 injection once a week. This has helped with the stomach upsets that I used to get when I took it in tablet form. I do take hydroxychloroquine as well - I have to say that they help with some of the pain but neither help with the chronic fatigue - anyone got any suggestions for this - I am desperate!!!!!

Lainey x


Hi Lainey

Thanks for responding. I changed to tablets from injections because I got a bit anxious about doing them after I had a hugely painful one once. Also I work full time and it was very difficult picking them up from our local hospital. I have found Cimzia with methotrexate great for the fatigue as well as the pain until recently but it looks like that's failing - unless its a blip?

Exercise like swimming helps me with fatigue, but right now I couldn't get down the steps into a pool and guarantee getting back out. I've recovered before so I hope i'll recover again.

I hope the fatigue improves - hot weather doesn't always help.



I take Hydroxy and MTX (not Cimzia though)have only been on the hydroxy a month and MTX for six months but so far so good - after 6 months of flare ups on and off I'm suddenly doing better and enjoying it while it lasts. Hope it works as a combination - I read on this site (combinatorial therapies) that MTX and Hydroxy is most effective combination if tolerated. Good luck. TTx


hi susan,like you i need some advice about the tiredness, which does seem worse with the heat, but i also take mtx and hydroxy with steriods as well and it seems to be working great for me at the moment, hav,nt had this much movement for a long time, dont have cimzia though, hope it works for you soon , you will feel like your old self when it does, sue x


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