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Been reading through everyone's blogs and questions I'm new to RA what is the score and blood count to do with the pain?

i know that might sound silly to some people but I am up for learning and listening but RA was never totally explained by my consultant. I am in flare mode as I call it had 2 in the past week if anybody could please explain the blood and score thing that would be treat :-)

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Hiya Marnie,

Not silly at all!

If you go to the search box at the top and type in blood test results you will see all previous post all to do with blood tests, then go onto page 2 and at the top you'll see a post by Lyn, have a read, I think this explains it all really well.

How long have you had RA for?

I read your previous question, I'm 38, is that still young? lol

When I get my bloods done it;s the PV and a CRP that shows how much inflammation/pain is present. During my last/first flare my CRP was 87 but is now only 10...


Hi again,

As above, Lyn and Summer (alison) seem to be the ones in the know (sure there are others too but I'm newish here too and only just learning log in names etc) I'm going to have a read of Lyn's post too.

CRP is inflammation level. Someone without RA or similar will normally have a CRP of 0. reading with RA are aimed to be in the 0-10 range. I've had a flare up since December and it was at 55 then went up to early 80's. I would suggest you do not get too focused on this as it can make you stressed and as a result mean you flare up and increase your CRP!!!! The Dr/nurses will let you know if you need to worry.



no! others know more im only just about 3 years diagnosed lyn -w knows more as does cece and and mandy, etc I know a bit about drugs lots of love..


sorry 2 years diagnosed! other know more from reading.. gina has read a lot as has sparkle. mandy, cece , lyn w long serving ra people with lots of experince of the disease xx

every one on here is an expert in their own right including you mel.. its not a competition w e are all here to help each other its a support group.. I have made some great friends xx


Hi Marnie, I know it's good to know all about the disease but it's impossible to understand everything at once, 17 years plus for me and I'm still learning. A good starting point is the NRAS website, they also have numerous leaflets and booklets that explain different aspects of the disease drugs, DAS score etc even an helpline if you need to speak to someone.

Some consultants us ESR levels to determine inflammation in the blood some use the CRP,, in easy term this can often tell them how active your RA is. However the main indication is you!! they generally go on what you tell them as bloods are not always reliable but are very good indicators.

Wiliby as already given you a very good link to Lyn's blogg on this.

I could go on but I think you need to learn a little at a time everything will be so confusing for you at the moment and like Mel said you shouldn't worry unnecessarily this will only increase your symptoms.

Also make a note of things your not sure of to ask your consultant next time you go, a lot of people find this very helpful because when you go for your appointment you tend to forget what to ask.

Take it one step at a time and look after yourself.

Mandy xx


Thanks everybody! I was diagnosed January time and I'm on mtx. Got my first hospital visit since starting mtx on 22nd this month and my list of questions is getting longer and longer. I'm also taking my mum along this time as last time I found they told me all this info in the space of a 10 minute window and I came out think huh??? Learning a little at a time and showing everybody close to me the leaflets from the website so they understand a bit more. I find everybody thinks it's an oap disease. My grandad who is 87 thinks it's cool and keeps on showing me all the helping aids and funky coloured walking sticks in magazines he finds. I was reading other people's blogs about people's reactions to using walking sticks or being in a chair and I would never of described myself as a vain/ worried about my apearrence to others until people started staring at me all the time.




Glad your making a list and taking your mom with you, good to show other leaflets too will help them understand.

I'm sure your grandad means well it's probably a little light relief when times are's good to laugh about things too even if they are at your expense. Just take it all with a big pinch of salt as they say!

Don't worry about what other people think about your appearance, if they really are your friends they will give you all the support you need if they don't then they certainly aren't friends worth having.

Take care

Mandy xx



As you are young, I have great faith that you will be given the appropriate treatmnt and your disease will not progress, the way this ole disease did years ago, there is great new treatments for RA and if one does'nt work another one will. Don't try to take on too much too soon, but I do know how you feel because I was in the same position myself 3 years ago, and I wish I had been able to talk to others about how scared I felt. You come on here anytime, say anything even if you think its silly no one here is judgemental and we all have something to offer, even if its only sympathy and understanding. So welcome hon, you will find others on internet & facebook for juvenile arthritis, actually just watched a youtube clip about a baby to 13 with JRA.

Take it easy n slow, you will be fine. xxx


All I know is when I flare my ESR and CRP go through the roof!

So sorry you also have RA, but glad you found this site its a great form of support everyone is so supportive.

Take care Julie xx


my readings do the same !my health authority is one of the few that uses blood viscosity,, most of your trusts use esr and crp.... think viscosity cheaper??, but was off the scale last test so not best pleased hence my symtons had documented proof to show severity I crawled to work virtually today!! having a a referal for bathroom assesment , hydro tom after work tad tied up with work and med appointments at moment, this site is great



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