Has anyone else had Punctal plugs for extremely dry eyes due to Srogjens syndrome?

This has been recommended by my optometrist as my eyes are now generating almost no liquid particularly useful viscous stuff. I have some new drops to use - Systane Gel Drops - these are very new but better than anything else I've tried but even then my eyes are awful and deteriorating in other ways (ie some macular degeneration and cataracts). If anyone can help ....

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I haven't had this procedure but understand it can be very beneficial when artificial tears have failed to work. It's a simple procedure to plug the tear ducts in the corner of the eyes thus stopping the tears from draining away and leaving more moisture in the eyes.

I personally would give it a try, eyesight is so important and with further deterioration deal with what you are able to whilst you have the chance. I had to have the lenses replaced due to the formation of cataracts caused by RA/steroids (the jury's out on the actual cause, probably a bit of each!).

Good luck

Lyn x


Thanks for the support Lyn - yes i am inclined to give it a try (although the optom said she thought it might be one of the areas that has been subject to NHS cutbacks). Just another of those areas that you find out about when you have this wonderful disease!


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