Hair to day gone tomorrow

Got the mob scooter out yesterday and nipped round the my local hair dresses. The unisex type, I used to go to the big boys barbers or get my sister-in-law to cut it. But it was getting out of hand, looked like I was dragged through a hedge backwards. I think I had a bird trying to nest in it. Well cut a long story short, whizzed along to the salon and had a lovely young lady to wash and cut my hair. I can see why you ladies go and have your hair done at the salon. It was great, I came out of the feeling and looking like a million dollars. Its good to pamper yourself sometime, isn't. How a simple job can work wonders. I know I'm easily pleased.

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  • I know moved my hydrotherapy from tue to thur cos ages ago booked a model colour!! dont know what colour. highlights probably!! x ( next week)

  • Hi Beeper

    Its amazing how much better a trip to the hairdressers can make you feel. Think I may book now myself


  • Hi Beeper,

    I love having my hair done, especially when they ask if you would like a massage...........wonderful, You will have to et your picture done and post it on.

    Like Fiona says think i'll book in for a wash an blow dry:)


  • Well done you Beep. It does make you feel so good doesn't it...

    Take care Julie xxx

  • Hi Beep, lovely having hair done, makes you feel great.

    Take care

    Mandy xx

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