Should I or not?

My hand swelling has gone way down since last Wed, from my lawnmower debacle, but it still hurts. I sent my rheumatologist an e-mail on Sunday telling him of my accident & his office replied, saying that I should contact the orthopedist surgeon that gave me the fake MCP joints, but only if I have further problems.

Other people are telling me that my hand is still swollen, but to me-it's about back to normal. I don't know whether I should call him or not. The only thing he'll do is take x-rays probably, & tell me not to mow anymore. I can still type, but my finger really hurts when I use the mouse.

Then, we've been having crazy weird weather over here, 90 one day then barely 60 the next, then 3 days of my entire body is protesting.

I also have a friend who is pressuring me to go on an overnight trip with her on Wed, and I really don't want to go. I think I'll tell her-No, tomorrow.

So many decisions (& more I didn't mention) to make, but I'd better make them-soon.


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Christine, why are you not getting in touch with your surgeon,if only to reassure yourself. Listen to your body and if your worried contact the people looking after you.

Take care sylvi. xx


I know it's a worry for you Christine because everything has to be paid for eg x-rays etc so you have to think about it all much harder. I relate to that because everything I get has a price too - not in financial terms so much as in terms of what I then won't be offered if I go for it. I think you should not be pressurised into going away for a night just now if you feel you don't want to - being in a different bed overnight is a lot of spoons to use up for me too and you only do it if you are pretty sure you'll have a wonderful time and it will be worth the sacrifice. If friends do this show them the spoon theory so they understand better what they are asking of you. Not sure about the finger - if you don't think your rheumy consultant will have anything to contribute then perhaps just keep monitoring your hand and see how it feels in a while? TTx


poor you Christine, I know what you mean re contacting the consultant, sometimes i just think it is a waste of time and the longer i have this disease and the more contact i have with the consultant, i think i can gauge the reaction correctly before the appointment takes place. But like Sylvi says If you do think something has been damaged you had probably need to get it checked out.

I agree with Tilda, your night away could cause more problems than it is worth so be strong and do what your heart tells you.

Hope you feel a bit better soon, our weather here is a bit topsy turvey as well, yesterday so cold and wet but today blue skies.....

take care


I agree that you should not feel pressured into going away if you're not feeling up to it. Hopefully your friend will understand and perhaps you can do something together at a later date. I agree with Tilda on the issue of your hand. If you think it is improving then just keep an eye on it and seek help if it doesn't improve or gets any worse.'s a dangerous business! Last time I did some I got stung, by a ladybird of all things.

Paula x


christine i think the same dont go if you feel pressured take time for yourself to relax. Keep an eye on your wrist though only you will know when its time to see someone. Take care xxx


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