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AHOY There Mateys!

AHOY There Mateys!

I am delighted to tell you that I have been rescued!

Along with four lovely seafaring colleagues in a wee boat, our merry team, The Jilly Rogers – so named after our illustrious Cap’n Jilly, - survived afloat and without starving or falling out – literally as well as metaphorically!

Just what is going on you ask, is nautical NRAS going overboard?

The boating theme is already well afloat with the gallant doctor Martin Lee circumnavigating this island alone amid blisters and courage. But the shipwreck rescue I refer to was part of our staff Awayday this past Tuesday.

Provided with a curious list of things deemed potentially useful, three NRAS manned and womanned boats did their utmost to keep their mariners fed, watered and alive – and of course hopefully rescued.

To my utter surprise, moments after I boldly declared that I would happily sink with my assembled shipmates, we were announced the winners! Happily no other boat sank either.

The fun exercise was a super use of teamwork and shared decision-making, not to mention creative problem solving and imaginative use of some very odd resources. It probably is no great surprise to you that these very qualities are regularly applied in our work at the NRAS office, where gangplanks are mercifully absent, and we enthusiastically keep the RA-awareness flag flying.

Our virtual sailing experience was part of a marvellous day’s intensive brainstorming, focusing on the development of NRAS, the factors that influence our current work alongside plans and ambitions for the future.

Ably commanded by Admiral Ailsa we look forward to steering through both smooth and choppy waters together and, as we do, we count on your continued involvement, support and willingness to share oars and lifebuoys with us!

Should I disclose the names of my inspired sea dogs? Perhaps not, everyone should have a secret that will go with them to the fishes - Especially on a Friday!!

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That is so adorable! What a clever undertaking! Congrats! L.


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