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Share your experience on RA and Work

Good afternoon,

You may have seen a blog on the NRAS website earlier this week from our new Policy and Public Affairs Intern, Sam, who will be researching RA and work whilst he is at NRAS:

Can you share your experience of the impact of your RA/JIA on work?

We will be organising roundtable discussions in Manchester and London through the summer. We would also like to speak with many of you on the phone to set the direction of our research. Please email Sam on with your availability to speak if you’d like to be involved.

We would especially like to hear from people: living in rural areas; worried about pension contributions; aged 16-30; who have changed career after diagnosis; who work in manual/physically intensive jobs.

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Hi I am 29 and changed jobs due to diagnosis but I now rediagnosed as PsA. Am I discounted? Thanks Terri


Hi Terri,

For the purpose of this survey we are only exploring the experiences of people with RA, sorry about that. Given there is a lot of cross-over in the experiences of people with different forms of inflammatory arthritis, we hope that the eventual report and its recommendations will be helpful also for people with PsA.


Thanks for reply.

So whilst the report will be helpful due to cross over you won't be taking into account actual experiences of anyone other than RA. Given that diagnoses change for inflammatory arthritis perhaps between appointments with a rheumatologist this seems like rather an odd view point to take. Good luck with the report. I won't need to read it because I'm not in a particular box. If NRAS recognise the crossover then surely the limitation wouldn't need to be put in place.



Diagnosed with positive RA late 2015. Been off work for 6 months as disease isn't under control - crp now 105 and esr 88. Have gone back to work on a phased return as my pay is down to half now. However, I've been on dull pay for the whole 6 months and work has been great. I work in a primary school.


Hi Moomin8,

It would be great if you could speak with our intern, Sam, to discuss your experiences. Would you be able to drop him an email on or call him on 01628 823524.



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