Is it sun i see outside

Is it sun i see outside

This morning i got up after having for me a good nights sleep. So good that i put make-up on for a change. Just some eye-shadow and a bit of lippy,boy does iit lift the spirits,why i don't do it more often i don't know, just can't be bothered i think. I feel so crap a lot of the time emotionally as well as pschyically too.

We went to makro this morning and got some shopping and a good nosey round. I used my scooter and i didn't feel too bad until we got near the end when i started to ache and get tired. Got home and left hubby to unload the car while had a loo break and then i sat down.

Now while i'm sitting here the sun is trying to come out despite the wind and rain. I'm not sure if it will come out or not,but i can but hope.

So here to more days of feeling fairly goodish and i hope you all feel the same.

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Hi Sylvi, lovely photo of your garden. Ours is also beginning to look good now that everything is coming out. Sun is trying to get through here but is fighting a losing battle with the clouds and rain!

Glad you had a good day. A bit of slap makes all the difference. If I don't put make up on, I feel really dreary and look like something that's been dug up!

We did the graveyard run today to my parents grave with spring flowers. Himself took the strimmer to tidy it up as well. They had cut the grass in the churchyard but don't really trim round the graves. Anyway it now looks good. I used pinks and white tulips and took a small tub of daffs as my mother loved those.

I must admit to being very tired at present - Himself has not been well for the last few days, we have been busy with a new boiler being fitted, clearing out the garage (couldn't believe the rubbish in there, including the mouse). We filled a whole skip. Berry is on his 5th week of gun dog training,Minnie cat has not been too good either - she hates upheaval and her routine upset. And we also got our lottery grant for the bells restoration so the last 3 weeks have been rather hectic what with emergency meetings, legal problems etc.

Also my feet have been very bad and so swollen and painful it has been an effort to put them on the ground. So my trusty loafers have come in very handy as they are so comfortable. Now got some new insoles which are helping and using my circulation booster each evening which is also helping to take down the swelling in my feet, ankles and legs. The chiropodist thinks I have a build up of fluid under the feet so will mention it to my consultant when I see him on the 20th.

Glad you are feeling better as well. Take care. Love LavendarLady x


I'm pleased to hear that you got the grant for the bells,thats one headache over for you. So now its all systems go for the bells

Where are your parents buried,my grandparents are in the ten mile bank churchyard and i have been down there when my mum/dad were alive haven't been down there since i'm sad to say. My brother has been to the one in littleport and tidied up my aunts graves and he was quite proud to see the result.

I love my little patch of garden,i'm sure its not as big as yours but i love it even if i can't do it all in one go. We have the allotment and hubby has been putting in the spuds this last weekend. He always puts the first lot in on good friday. Its an old family tradition, don't know whether its the case with yours.

I have to enjoy the good days when they come, i haven't done anything since we got back at lunchtime and i have slept for an hour this afternoon. So head wise i'm not too bad the rest well its there i've got to get on with it.

Have a lovely evening.

Love sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvi, my parents are buried at Dersingham about 6 miles from me. Grand father is buried in my home village in Bucks so we don't get down there very often to tidy him up. We usually go to the parents grave every 3 months for a general tidy up and to put fresh flowers on.

We had the rear garden paved about a month ago and it looks really good and is labour saving. I have raised borders which makes it easier to do any gardening and they have shrubs and flowers in. Also 3 apple trees and one cherry which is making up its mind whether to come into flower or not.

Himself put in two tubs of spuds recently and they are already showing. I checked my red currant bushes today and they are also showing tiny bunches of red currants. The grape vine is showing signs of life and has got buds on it and the wisteria is about to burst into flower in all its lovely glory,.

Isn't it lovely when spring comes and the gardens come into their own?

Just about to go to bed. Think I've got hubby's cold - at least I have gone down with a sore throat. Hope it doesn't develop. Too busy at present to indulge it! Love LavendarLady x


Morning LL, Your garden sounds lovely,we have goosies,currants down the allotment and two mini cherries in the garden,which bear my name,which hubby brought me last year and nthey are showing leaves,so look forward to them on flower.

My hubbys family all come from the Kings Lynn area and we used to go to hunstanton on holidays every year when we were young.

The sun is shining today and between showers i'm hoping to get outside in the garden and do a bit more. I've still got loads of seeds to set and if half of all the seeds grow i will have more than i really need,so my two good neighbours will benefit. I have to say i do have good neighbours and the run me about when hubby is at work when i have appointments to go to that hubby can't get time off.

My nose is all bunged up this morning and my gp thinks i've got blocked up sinuses.

Have a lovely day LL,its lovely that i have you as a friend on here as you cheer me up.

Sylvi. xx


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