Finally seeing consultant what next I ask

Finally seeing my consultant about a new treatment plan in brief... HadID since I was in my late 20s and now in my early 50s I started off with methotrexate tablets many years ago which help to me but then I got very depressed and also felt very sick for most of the week so gave that up I was then put onto Cinzia injections this was really good for a few years and my symptoms were wonderful almost felt well

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  • Good luck with your appointment x

  • I hope all goes well Sunflower & you are happy with whatever your Rheumy suggests next. Do let us know how it goes won't you.

  • The trouble is I am so afraid to try anything else new as I had such a bad side effect from the Cimzia injections! Last visit he seemed keen to start a bio treatment however we agreed best not throw anything at my body until the pins and needles had gone! I had to cut down on the Gabapentin which masks the symptoms I am on 9 300mg a day I just cut down one tablet for a few days and the fizzy feeling was almost un bearable so went back up. One year on this is no better so I am kinda expecting that it is not yet time to throw anything new into the mix...

  • I understand how it can be fearful but please do be guided by your Rheumy, he wouldn't want to give you anything that you'd react to any more than you'd want to react to it. His main concern will be to attempt controlling progression, but you know all this don't you. It's not beyond the realms of possibility you'll react to your next biologic, I understand as not all DMARDs work same not all biologics do either & with luck on your side it will be one you do well on without any unwanted side effects.

    You don't say when your review is but be sure to let us know the outcome won't you? x

  • Not quite the case in my case as he gave me the cimza injections that caused the bad reatIon if you get what I mean so I am fateful of any other treatment plan now however I can't carry on just on sulfazisine and the anti inflamatry drugs either so my body is wrestling the plan of you get me

  • Just a quick note to wish you a positive consultation and in finding a new treatment plan that will work more effectively for you.

    All the best


  • Had a good appointment he has decided to send me for another MRI and X-rays of my wrists and ankles where the pain is at its worse. We will have another appointment with the results he too is concerned and feels the nerve ending should have been well on there way to repairing I questioned that was it the cimiza injections that caused the num feeling in the first place or could it be something else of course he didn't confirms or deny because like me he doesn't know the answer to that question but then of course I feel positive that I'm having more investigations we both agreed that at this point because I am no better vet with pins and needles then going down the bio drug route as we say is not for me at this point

  • I´m pleased to hear your appointment went well. Hopefully the imaging will throw up some idea of where your Rheumy can go next to treat you. Do you know what he considers his options are, did he give some suggestions given that you say they aren´t for you at this point or has he left that to be discussed when you see him for the results?

  • A while ago he did give me leaflets on two options for biological drugs but we decorated

    Holehouse since then so I can't remember what they are


  • Have a look on the NRAS site for biologics, they're all listed there, you might recognise the two options given.

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