I used to see clearly

I'm 45 and wear glasses all day (varifocals). I've never had really bad sight but always needed something for reading etc. As I got older I needed glasses more so opted for varifocals to save me keep putting glasses on and off. I had my first pair two years ago ( before diagnoses) I was diagnosed last year and my sight deteriorated a lot. I got a new prescription last August. Now 6 months on from that I don't feel my glasses are enough and I'm getting headaches. It seems a pretty rapid deterioration. I started on Methatrexate but stopped after about five months and now on sulfasalazine. Has anyone else experienced eyesight problems. I'm going to go to opticians next week anyway but just thought I would ask.

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  • Eyesight can be a problem with ra if you get an inflammation, I got a thing called iritis which was sorted by steroid drops. It however was a rather quick determination in my vision. However I do think another checkup is a good d idea. Headaches can also be a sign that a check up is needed so it's good your going soon x

  • Yes, I'm on Humira and MTX and having problems with my sight. Have seen 2 ophthalmologists and have an appointment with a neuro-ophthalmologist coming up.

  • I stated with a problem in my left eye soon after staring mtx last August. I went to opticians and she said my prescription had changed and I need new glasses. I mentioned this to my rheumy when she phoned about something else, she didn't think it was related to mtx and to see an ophthalmologist, we have a walk in clinic at a hospital nearby. I was going for a Dexa scan anyway so popped in. My eyelid wouldn't open properly at night or when I was tired. I was seen and she confirmed not to do with my glaucoma, I had to go back for further tests. When I went back, was seen by the main eye consultant who said I had ptosis, not bad enough to operate but prescribed eye drops as I have RA related dry eyes. I did get new glasses also, they have helped, but not perfect. The drops have helped a great deal though.It maybe just a coincidence but I'm not sure. Maybe take it further if you are not happy with the opticians advices. Good luck. X

  • My eyes are getting worse I just hope it ageing and not the ra my grandmother went blind with it so I keep an eye on thing so to speak

  • My prescription changed a lot just before diagnosis. So much so that I can see distance without glasses although I still need them for reading or close work. The first time since I was 14 I didn't need specs all the time. Gosh. Yesterday I broke my wonderful varifocal and photochromic glasses and feel like pointing my nose at the moon and howling.

  • Possibly Cateracts, I had to have new glasses every 4-6 mths .Now I've had the Cateracts removed ,wow what a difference I was at the opticians on Monday she said I now have 20/20 distance sight .i still need glasses for reading.

    Hope you get some answers next week we have enough to deal with without eyesight problems.

    Regards Mike.

  • I have noticed deterioration in my eye sight since diagnosis. I'm taking mxt hydroxychloroquin and sulfasalazine

    I'm waiting for an ophalmologist appointment at the moment following a review by opticians

    GP gave me eye drops to help with dry sore gritty eyes

    Hope you get some answers soon

  • This sounds like me. I went to the ophthalmologist and was told I have cataracts. Now I am waiting for them to get ripe before they will remove them. Oh the joys of RA and the meds that cause other issues.

  • I too have cataracts, had for some time but apparently not ready to be done yet. Feel they are getting worse !!

  • I'm so glad you posted about this problem. I've definitely noticed a deterioration in my eye sight. I'm on MTX and Cimzia and I think it's definitely connected. It's given me the kick now to go and visit an optician.

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