Sulphazaline reaction

I wrote a few weeks back that I was having side effects causing a bad taste & smell when I ate certain foods, really bizarre foods like chocolate, wine, tomatoes, most sweet things, vegetables such as carrots, cakes, ice cream funnily enough strawberry ice cream was ok!

I'm not able to use my favourite perfume Channel no 5 as it stinks!!!

Several people suggested it could be sulpha, I'm known to have an allergy to a chemical which lists that sulphas could react as well.

My Rhemy a few weeks back didn't think that it was the Sulpha however I saw him again yesterday & he said that it wasn't unknown to cause a bad taste but it was very rare!!! That's typical of me - I never do things as the text books say!!

My joints are also swollen especially my knees - I used to have such nice knees!

So I have to stop the Sulpha when I've had a steroid injection. Following blood tests I'll then start Methotrexate.

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I had the same symptoms on Sulpha Pauline. My GP said yesterday that he thought the rheumy might suggest re-introducing Sulpha with the MTX at a low dose and my heart sank. He didn't seem to get why but even on a low dose it made me feel nauseous and affected my taste buds and my moods. When on a high dose I got lumps on my neck and ear and then a really itchy all body rash and a bad reaction to sunlight. I was so happy when I was taken off it! I've had no problems with Methotrexate that have been too much apart from possible bouts of depression but my GP thinks that's more about the RA. I have found it really works well for me and although I'm stuck at a middling dose now and can't go up without the rheumy's say so - I can still do loads of things I couldn't do before I started on it. Hoping very much that you will be the same way and those knees will become nice once more! TTx


That's good to hear Tilda, I'm hoping I don't react to MTX!

I've just been exposed to sun in Malta & have been ok, I have had a reaction to sun in the past causing large blisters, but possibly because I walk the dogs all year round my skin has become acclimatised to the sun. Pauline


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