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Coping strategies

I've been reading a few blogs which have sparked off some tangental thoughts which I thought might fit under the heading of coping.

Wedding shoes: I've never been able to wear heels, suits my particular style which tends to be forgiving tunics and trousers. My niece had a very posh wedding but it was in a marquee in a field so I decided to wear coloured baseball boots. V comfy and the red was a nice contrast with my blue outfit. And I'm a bit boho I suppose so noone thought it odd. I've also noticed a company in Sheffield which does sort of bespoke shoes and sandals and am about to try them out. I'll let you know how it goes but they arent frighteningly expensive (not when like me you own one or two pairs of shoes). I'll say more if they prove to be really good. But you have to draw your feet and send them off.

And I read about someone doing a trip to Paris and lugging bags in the metro. I find taxis and buses a complete godsend. No long flights of steps. Taxis can be expensive, but I try to economise in other areas.

Difficult basin/ sink taps: have you seen those tower taps with a lever? A very elegant way round that problem of turning on and off with aching wrists.

It'd be interesting to know other peoples strategies.


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figure eight shaped chunky rubber peeler and a knife where the blade is right angled to the handle could not do anything in food preparation without them.

Sole Diva very stylish affordable shoes in a range of wide fittings, Lots of their styles have substantial soles which I find more helpful

Sue x.


Wonky...what gadget is that?? Can't prepare veg at the moment!!! Can't hold and peel at the same time.

Anyway..I have a few things which have helped..a thingy to turn dials on the cooker and washing machine....automatic can and jar openers..pop bottle opener...spring loaded scissors..

Havent quite accepted the cane or the perching stool yet but we are getting there slowly. If I have to go anywhere it is planned with precision so I can get what I need with the smallest expenditure of effort and I have the grocery shopping delivered and they carry it in for me.

Teenage boys now take care of their own bedrooms plus dishwasher and walking the dog.

Ready sliced veg in the freezer is a godsend as the kitchen is a difficult area for me.

Struggling with shoes..being very short with a hubby over 6 feet I have always worn heels..not possible now. I have a special party coming up for my Dad's 80th and would love to wear a dress and heels :(


buy supermarket ready prepared and dont peel potatoes lol x.. again shoes and clothes wide range comfy stylish shoes


re shoes i have found a fab company called Pavers they have a sale shop and a web site. the other make is lorretta the are hand made sandals with a peep toa but a solid back round the ankle as i tend to wobble. Not cheap but I'm still wearing a pair from 2 years ago and they look great with trousers or a dress.

i also have a perching stool bought from our recycling shop for £5 as I had a new kitchen 2 years ago i had the worktops made to a height i could sit at to do pastry or veg whatever, I find it really helps specially when the knees start to go wonky. (sorry wonky girls) I use an electric can opener and a hook can opener for those with the ring pull bought from lakeland, The other thing i use is a roll of non slip mat, i put a potato on it then use my peeler stops having to hold anything with painful hands.

Best of all Hubs he's my No1 gadget but sorry he's mine.................

Tricia xx


yeh still can't find a gadget which will clean the bathroom...empty the the the kids with schoolwork...mop the floors etc etc !!! lol


Shoes are a big problem for me, I have never worn flat shoes or trainers but for the last 18months I have no choice. I am going to have a look at Pavers as I cant face another winter of wearing trainers . I havent heard of Sole Diva I will look at those too.

This site is very helpful to me as I dont think people really understand this desease ( I dont yet) even my sister has got fed up with me not being able to walk round the shops anymore.



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