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Does anyone have similar symptoms and know what it is?

I was diagnosed with RA 18 yrs. ago and shortly after diag. I found small very painful lumps under my skin at the back of my knees. I was told "rheumatoid nodules" but they don't seem to fit the general description.

Now the nodules have spread and grown from knee area towards groin along what feels to be the tendon. There are similar nodules running along the underside of my arms from elbow towards armpit again feeling as if on a tendon. Feels like rope with knots along the length.

The pain is like there is a glass shard under the skin and cutting in. Usually only apparent when under even the slightest touch.

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Hi SIskin, I also get these RA nodules but usually only on the back and side of my hands during a flare up. I can feel them and sometimes see them as well. They are not painful to me unless I catch one of them on something.

Not had them anywhere else.

I think it would be a good idea to mention it to your GP/and rheumy consultant particularly as they seem to be getting worse and are very painful. Mainly to rule out anything else causing trouble. LavendarLady x


Yes see rheumy in April, but it is a different one to before. Had nodules on my finger and elbow joints but they come and go, feel quite well defined . More knobbly than the ones on arms,which feel softly squidgy.they are there all the time. Ones on hands are painful if knocked, arm and leg ones feel sensitive to slightest pressure just running a finger lightly over skin is real OUCH..


Hi Siskin, sorry if I have posted this twice, very new to this site, I would be very interested to know if you get an answer, from your description I have the same on the inside of my forearms, I only get pain when I am having a flare, I thought they might be nodules but the ones I have had in my hands are very different.

I have mentioned to the doctor, not received any answers, will ask again next time I go.

J x


Hi Jan, just looked up rheumatoid nodules, "firm like unripe fruit".

If you google " rheumatoid nodules" you will have the info. to hand so you can query with you doc. if your symptoms are different.

If I find out anything more I will put a tag, Nodules, so you can look up further info. perhaps you could do the same if you get any further info..



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