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Maybe I don't want to do this... :P !

Maybe I don't want to do this... :P  !

Received final instructions today. First must be in Cleveland by 6:45am on Monday, and being it's an hour drive up there..we'll leave about 5:30. I will yell "Hi Sylvie" when I get up at 4:45!

Surgery is to be over at 9:30am, so that's 2 and a half hours of tinkering in my wrist and hand. Should have about an hour in Recovery Room, then the OR nurse said I could likely go home, unless they had to go to a General Anesthesia. Hmmm.

so, that's it. Have almost everything in place, just want to redo the sheets tomorrow and put them right back on the bed. Might need help pulling the corners over the edges of the bottom sheet.

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Good luck hun

Sci x


Good luck too x


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