does anyone have terrible head pains

hi all i have ra oa in bottom of my back and gout in my feet, i am taking 20mg of methotrexate once a week, also taking sulfasalazine,hydroxychloroquine,allopurinol,amitriptyline,etoricoxib and codeine phosphate daily. i feel like i am pill popping dunno if these help me of not still in so much pain, i am waiting to go on humira, my hospital doctor said back in sept that she was putting me on this still waiting. the pain in my head that i get makes me screem out my head seems to lock then i move and it clicks then the pain dont seem so bad, does anyone else get this ? i have been refured to a neuro-surgeon, sorry i have gone on a bit.

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Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. I haven't had your sort of pain, but I did get headsplitters when I was on statins. The only thing that helped was putting my head in cold water!!

Maybe an icepack would work.

I wonder if you have a trapped nerve from all the tension caused by being in so much pain.

I do hope you can get some help soon.


Gerri, I think maybe Phoebe has a point, it does sound like a crackling sound when you turn your head a certain way, due to a nerve entrapment, likely in the neck. Do keep the appt with the Neuro-surgeon.

In the mean time, you could try ice packs on the back of your head, or the base of your head. If you notice improvement, good. If not, try warm,moist heat on same area. Moisten a towel, place it on your neck then top it with a heat source, like a bag of dried beans warmed in the microwave.

Be careful not to strain your neck too far in any direction, that would aggravate it. I hope some of this helps. L.xx


thanks ladies for answering my blog will try wat you s have suggested wen we are in so much pain anything is worth a try thanks again ladies.


Hi, sorry am a bit late answering your message but have not been on the computer for a while, yes i too get the same pain you have mentioned and when i click my neck or push my fingers into a point in my neck i also get some relief from the pain, i have tried ice and that helps too ! I just put it down to another joint i have RA in !



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