Does anyone suffer with these pains

I had an accident which left me very bruised on my arm. Elbow to shoulder. There are two lumps there and ultrasound showed nothing. Two years on, still got the lumps. They do disturb my sleep if I lay on that side or turn over to that side. Anyone have anything like it who can reassure me I am not off my head. [As a point before anyone says have I been back...yes, yes, yes. Something I have to put up with....but I can't believe this. ] Hence my asking if anyone suffers the same way, with long term chronic lumps in the muscle. Having said that, what are they?

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  • Sounds like a rheumatoid nodule to me. I've been trying to copy a link to the NRAS site but it's very slow this morning so although I prefer not to as it's not always reliable info maybe this Wikipedia page will help

  • Just tried again, here it is

  • If it's from the accident it my just be tissue damage from the impact. I play hockey and have received a few bad bruises from pucks and sticks hitting me and a few times after the bruising has faded I'm left with a hard lump under the skin. My chiropractor says it's tissue damage and can be massaged out. However this was painful at the time so I left it. My don't bother me though but since yours do it may be something to look into.

  • Thank you for that. I do have massage but it is painful so asked them to go gently over the area. [I do teach this by the way so at least know the pitfalls]. The arm was black at the time. I do bruise easily. This is the best reply I received as it is exactly what happened to me. I am grateful. Keep in touch. reassurance is so helpful. The accident happened two years ago.

  • Husband has 2 lumps below elbows but no pain.We take it to be RA nodules as he's had them for 12 years . Always best to get checked out:-)

  • Thank you. I did get these as a result of knocking into something when I got out of my mobility scooter awkwardly. They are not painful all the time but at night when I lay on that side as one does, it always wakes me and they hurt. Ultrasound found nothing.

  • Could they be fatty tumors? Some people get lumps of fatty tissue that can be bothersome. I have seen numerous such lumps removed by surgeons.

  • I had a fall about 12 months ago, had very bad bruising to my hip (should have gone to A&E but didn't) left me with a lump on my hip. Have had x-ray also ultra scan, told by two doctors it is a bursa (sp). I do get discomfort from it if I happen to lie on that side in bed and sometimes when I have gone for a long walk. Up to now no one has suggested any treatment so I just put up with it.

  • I have just read that it is painful but they can be massaged out. I can vouch for it being painful as I stopped my massager doing it on the arm.

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