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Drug could treat arthritis by stopping immune system from attacking joints


Last updated at 2:01 AM on 6th March 2012

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A drug that could ‘stop arthritis in its tracks’ is being tested in a British laboratory.

In ‘very exciting’ but early-stage tests, the drug prevented the inflammation responsible for the pain, swelling and stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis.

Much more work is needed but the research could lead to an effective and inexpensive way of treating the condition that affects 350,000 Britons.

An arthritic hand: This coloured X-ray shows joint damage caused by severe rheumatoid arthritis. As the cartilage is worn away, new bone grows as part of the repair process, causing stiffness and deformity of the fingers

The disease causes chronic pain and inflammation in affected joints, and is triggered when elements of the immune system attack the body.

White blood cells known as T-cells are integral to the process.

Study leader Dr Graeme O'Boyle, from the University of Newcastle, said of the research development:


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'Imagine that the damaged joint is covered in flags which are signalling to the white blood cells.

'Traditional treatments have involved pulling down the flags one by one, but what we have done is use an agent which in effect 'blindfolds' the white blood cells.

'Therefore, they don't know which way to travel and so won't add to the damage.'

The research was funded by the charity Arthritis Research UK, and published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Using tests on a genetically engineered mouse with a human-like immune system, the team discovered that a compound called PS372424 blocked the ability of T-cells to invade joints.


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  • Hi Philip, fingers crossed it works and is quick in coming.

    Stopping the inflammation for all of us would be a bonus!


  • I read it to this morning phillip,it made interesting reading didn't it.


  • its so heartening to read of the new research going on and of course the article on the richest woman in the world buying a yacht!!!!! lol


  • Oh and Philip i worry about my kids getting this disease form me so to know thy night not have to go through this when they are older is so nice


  • Great news for future RA patients, I hope they develop it sooner rather than later. I also hope it's beneficial for A.S patients too.

    Beth xx

  • Yes read this. like Beth said hopefully sooner than later. xxx

  • Hope this happens soon i also read that a simialar treatment for chrons is being researched, i really hope so as my brother suffers terribly with this disease.


    they make us happy, gives hope not just for us but our siblings...

    Hope your recovering from your injection :)

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