Trick our auto immune system ?

I wrote my first blog yesterday with fantastic feedback which has touched me deeply. Thank you to everyone who responded to My Story.

There has been one thing niggling me for a few years now.

My RA specialist in Cape Town, Dr.David Gotlieb, explained that when a woman is pregnant the auto immune system is suppressed. This means that the body tends not to attack itself in the effort to destroy foreign cells which would include RA attacking joints. If this is indeed the case, then would women who have RA benefit from taking the pill, which tricks the body into thinking it is constantly pregnant ? If so, how would that work when a woman goes into menopause, or has a hysterectomy. Could the body still be fooled ? Could there be something for men also ?

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  • I was only saying the very same thing the other day after feeling dispondant about my current medication! If only it was that simple...I'm sure if that were the case then we'd all be on 'the pill' and be pain free!

  • sometimes the 'simplest' ideas bypass the brainy biologists !

  • Now, now... ;)

  • Not always the case though is it, when I was pregnant my RA got much worse infact the pregnancy made it go completely out of control!!

    Then again I baffled quite a few people at that time including myself!

    My Rheumy says I'm just a difficult case, I think my hubby agrees! cheeky!

    mand xx

  • Mand, I don't understand how your RA could get worse during the pregnancy when your auto immune system should have been suppressed. I am hoping a specialist might respond as to why ?

  • I might ask for the pill and try it to see. Is there anyone out there who has taken the pill with RA and noticed a reduction in symptoms ?

  • That is a good idea, you can be the guinea pig and let us lot know! I was so ill during my pregnancy I'm wondering if that wasn't the start of my RA then...and that the pregnancy hormones wearing off afterwards sent body into shutdown? Who knows hey, we've just got get on with it I guess ;)

  • My RA first showed itself when I was pregnant with one very swollen knuckle, I was told this was very rare but it just goes to show that each case is different.

  • I had a hysterectomy two years ago, so the doctor might be suspicious if I ask for the pill : )

  • Ha ha, yes it might raise a few eyebrows! I can't take the pill anyway so that rules me out too ;)

  • Hi All

    seeing as I'm nearly asleep before my head hit's the pillow.....................

    he would be very suspicious if i took the pill.


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