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off topic but made me laugh

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I am getting ready for bed and pulled on my new compression gloves and hubby looked at me then the gloves

He said

Bedtime just gets sexier by the day with you!

we both laughed 😜

27 Replies
Boxerlady profile image

Love it 😂

Bootoo profile image

🤣🤣 the illness that keeps on giving eh 😂

Neonkittie17 profile image

🤣 🤣🤣 x

sylvi profile image

Typicall man comment. Love it darling. xxxx

Scottishlad profile image

At least you can laugh.

Leics profile image

That’s so funny I hope they give you some relief though. 😂

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that’s great! x

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Love it!

stbernhard profile image

Made me giggle! Thank you. Cat woman compression suit next!?

Deeb1764 profile image
Deeb1764 in reply to stbernhard

that’s so funny just said to hubby need a compression suit!

Monkeysmum profile image

Building on stbernhard’s comment, I’ve also now added a pair of Crocs (for comfort obviously) to my mental image of you getting ready for bed in compression gloves and cat suit! 🤣🤣

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Mmrr in reply to Monkeysmum

I just love my crocs, they are so comfy.

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which gloves have you bought and from where. Having ra s starting to get rather expensive!

Deeb1764 profile image
Deeb1764 in reply to Tkat10

Amazon vitto anti arthritis 7.99 so far so good! Have you applied for PIP helps with these little aids.

barbieg profile image

that real

That really made me laugh. It’s the sort of thing my husband would have said.

Pippy25 profile image

With some of the items, equipment, we are issued or have to wear sometimes sexy goes right out of the window! What with my compression gloves leg wraps, foot 'boots' and that darn enormous'leg brace' I was once issued and couldn't get on which looked like an instrument of torture to name a few things I am expected to don. I do wonder if anyone were to call unexpected during the daytime or enter my home at night who would get the biggest fright!! As I hobble round looking like Frankenstein in fancy dress! Sometimes as tough as things are (and when you are in pain and hurting it's jolly hard) we have to smile or see the funny side of things. Thanks for sharing this Dee xx

Deeb1764 profile image
Deeb1764 in reply to Pippy25

even my niece chuckled when I sent photo and Hubby’s comment she got not a great look 🤪

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Try it going to bed with a ski boot on inside a pillow case to protect sheets! And because its lined with foam it has to be outside the covers. Needless to say my husband decamped to a spare bedroom. And the boot has to be loosened but tightened on walking to the loo so its ripping off the velcro to re stick it. The noise would wake the dead! lol xx Yesterday I went to pick up my new car ordered 6 months ago and had to use stair lift in showroom it was worse than ski lift, and I could obviously not drive it home so it will sit unused for a few more weeks. Big sigh ....... still gives me time to not read the handbook. Cars are getting too clever by far and now it can if the air bags go off it'll call the emergency services by GPS and send help. That is a good idea but some of these gismo's remind me of the washing machine that has 25 programmes but I only use 4.

Fruitandnutcase profile image

🤣🤣🤣🤣 good job you’ve both got a sense of humour.

Zatty profile image

No glove, no love is what I say! 😂

lovemydoggy profile image

I feel really sexy with my compression gloves. 😂 It could turn in to a sexy fashion statement. You never know. 🧤🫦🤣

Deeb1764 profile image
Deeb1764 in reply to lovemydoggy

I think they need some bling🤪

rabbits65 profile image

laughter is the best medicine !!!

Green230461 profile image

I wear more clothes to bed than I take off these days🙋🏻‍♀️

Biofreak profile image

🤣😂 You've got to laugh or you would cry. You are marginally sexier than me though Deeb. I've got the compression gloves but add to that a rubber mask with a long tube attached to a cpap machine and there you have it.......... elephant woman with a hint of Darth Vader!🤦😩

Deeb1764 profile image
Deeb1764 in reply to Biofreak

I know it’s madness some days. When I use my asthma inhaler I can sound like Darth Vader on that x

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