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5th jab administered - no problem at all!

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After all the uncertainties unearthed by my post on Refused 5th Vaccine (and to thank and update all you lovely people who have given me advice, sympathy and good reasoning) I can tell you all, most joyfully, that my 5th FULL PFIZER dose of vaccine was given to me at Essex House, Barnes (my susual centre) with no problem at all plus the promise that the information would be uploaded in the next 12/24 hours. Unbelievably easy access, an appointment, a jab and friendliness - so different from the previous experience I described on 24th. Blessings on 119 which will be my primary choice of contact from now on! Wow - I'm happy!

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Me too today

That’s good news. I got my 5th on Saturday, Moderna this time, but who knows whether it will work for me as I’m back on Rituximab?! Fingers crossed for all of us. 🤞🏻

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Yes, Lolabridge, sometimes one believes that crossing fingers is the only way to hope - and then one realises that the fingers won''t cross without extreme pain ... LOL. Neverthe less, with support such as we find here we can share, laugh ruefully at our condition, relaise others are worse off and, above all, have our hope renewed.

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Thankfully I’m now back on Rituximab and I can cross my fingers again! Sorry if you can’t- RA is a pain (!) but I agree that the lovely people on this site helps us to deal with it.

Great news but it really shouldn’t have to be this hard eh? I caught Covid 2 weeks after my hard won 5th. Glad I fought for it!

Yes indeed, Madmusiclover - it is a tragedy that we have to fight - especially with our depleted energy ... but you have achieved (and so have I) your goal and I wish you good health again very soon.

That is good news! I'm pleased it went smoothly this time.

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Thanks Shelby - it's a relief!

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