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Sciencus delivering meds?

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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of Sciencus? They have been outsourced to bring me my MTX injection pens, sharps bin etc. One of the Sciencus nurses came to show me how to inject. She was lovely, but made it clear I will have nothing to do with the care team again & Sciencus are only there to provide me with the MTX.

I’ve had so many problems since moving to a new Rheumy team (long story but I had to move hospitals), and after two & a half years still haven’t seen a consultant! I’ve had one phone call from a locum consultant, as the chap I was referred to has been off sick. The locum prescribed me the drugs, then I was swiftly forgotten about and four months later I rang the hospital to find out what was going on. Anyway, it go sorted eventually, but it doesn’t make me feel confident about the bloods monitoring etc. And then of course I got the Sciencus people calling me out the blue to deliver the MTX. I don’t know, it’s like none of my care is joined up. I’m not sure my GP even knows I’m on MTX as it hasn’t appeared in the APP I have. All so unjoined up. Anyone else get their meds this way? Thanks x

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My Gp only has letters from Rheumatology saying that I am on Methotrexate and Amgevita. They have no way of putting these on their computer system, nor has my pharmacist. You have to be careful if they or your dentist prescribe anything e.g. antibiotics to check they are compatable.You maybe able to go to your GP for bloods.

I have just gone on to Sciencus and they have not been too bad so far

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Peacox in reply to vonniesims

Thank you.

Your dentist should have a record of your medication on file and updated every visit

Yes, you're right. Mine does.

Your GP absolutely can and should put your medication prescribed by the hospital on your records. My biologics are recorded at the bottom of my repeat prescription, and my gp prescribes my MTX. One of the main reasons is that the electronic prescribing software will flag up if there is an interaction. Not having these recorded by the surgery is one of the main reasons patients were missed off “the highest risk” from covid and being eligible for treatment. If your gp has stated he can’t, whether laziness or otherwise ask the practice manager to record it. Otherwise you risk being prescribed something that interacts with meds they don’t have listed. I can’t order the biologic, it is purely there for information, and also ensures if I’m prescribed antibiotics, my GP knows to remind me to hold off my biologic whilst on them

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Peacox in reply to Maureengibson

Thanks so much for this. I’ll speak to GO surgery this week (once the MTX side effects calm down a bit — struggling today with them(. Thanks again. X

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Maureengibson in reply to Peacox

This is a screenshot of how my biologic is recorded at the bottom of my repeat prescription. I’ve had no issues getting the priority PCR kit or letters re my risk, due to GP having this on my records 🤗

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Peacox in reply to Maureengibson

I will give it a go. Although my GP surgery are pretty dreadful dinosaurs. They’re not even signed up to Patient access! So I have no way of seeing test results etc — all I have is the NHS app. But I’d like to make sure all my meds are at least recorded on my record. It seems ridiculous that they’re not.

Thanks for this, as my pharmacist says the same. I will get on to the practice manager

Yes I've found sciencus to be fine. But you're right, care is absolutely not joined up. This has been the story of the last 7 years since I developed inflammatory arthritis and it's only getting worse.

I was put on methotrexate last year, GP took over prescribing and monitoring so at least that's now on my record, but biologics aren't, nobody has told me how to get my bloods monitored, GP hasn't spoken to me once since taking on prescribing and scrapped my annual medication review. It took over an hour to get through on the phone last time, after they messed up my repeat prescription and removed my hydroxychloroquine. I have a full time job too. It's pretty indicative of the state of general practice right now. I can't even get contraception and I'm on methotrexate. Been waiting 7 months for a coil. A lot of surgeries have had to go emergency only because they can't cope with the pressures they're under. I feel sorry for the GPs but patients are suffering too.

Sorry for your troubles. Yes Sciencus have always delivered my drugs and there have been no issues. My rheumy drugs do not appear on my patient record.. GP doesn’t know much about RA. Sciencus are just a delivery company. Your care sounds very poor. Have you thought about writing to PALS? Who is looking after your blood monitoring? I get mine done at hospital using forms provided by rheumy but my nurse GP will do them but getting an appointment is a nightmare so I just walk into one of our hospitals phlebotomy depts and get them done there.

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Peacox in reply to Madmusiclover

Hi, yeah I think I will go to PALS, there’s a whole list of times they “lost” me in the system. And now I think they’ve messed up my bloods order! It’s a mess. Thanks for the reply.

Yes I do and I know tis is not usual but they have been good and all stuff delivered on time. I do have to remind the GP about the Abatercept as its not on the repeat list because it doesn't come from him but its not been a big issue so far. GP does the blood tests so not an issue there either. If I were you I'd call GP and make sure your records are correct. Around here things are getting slowly back to normal but it took 4 months for my husband to get the results of an Xray so things are still being confused in some cases.

My GP only issues my Sulphasazine and the Benipali pens come from Sciensus. My first injection was supervised and I have had telephone calls from them to see how I'm getting on. I've done their own line live chat before and it's been good. My deliveries have been spot on

I've found sciensus quite a pain in the butt ! For the last 3 deliveries I've had to prompt them, they do not keep track of my medication and I would have run out if I had not been proactive in contacting them.

They've regularly said they haven't received my hospital prescription when they have, very unorganised.

They managed to mess things up quite spectacularly when they first started delivering my daughter’s medication. Since then all has gone relatively smoothly until last week when a delivery failed because they tried to deliver it to a random address in Bangor, Wales. (We live in Oxfordshire!). I’ve had a nightmare trying to sort it out. After holding on for 45 minutes I managed to speak to a person. He apologised for the delay so I explained I had tried to sort it out by email to which he replied “well, that’s the problem, I usually work in the email team but we’ve all been told to answer the phones so no one is replying to the emails which is why the volume of calls has increased”, you couldn’t make it up!! Anyway he seemed very helpful although he had no idea why or how the default delivery address had changed! Fingers crossed it will delivered to the correct address next week! It seems when everything is fine it works like clockwork but as soon as something happens it goes spectacularly wrong!

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Peacox in reply to bpeal1

That’s interesting. My MTX was initially delivered to the old lady upstairs. I KNOW I gave them the correct flat number. I rang them and a nice lady confirmed that they had the wrong address on all their info on me (how?). But she said she has now sorted it. So, we shall see. At least it was just the flat number & the delivery could be directed downstairs to me.

I have found that often it is the hosp that havent done the script

I have had an almost identical experience. The only way I knew about prescription issue, was seeing a comment on their app. I used chat and they confirmed it was not received. Then chased my team who said it had been sent 3 weeks previously. When I then told scienceus that they admitted they did have it, but hadn’t got round to processing it. I absolutely hate the app, it is so basic. If you need a sharps box you have to sit in a queue for the chat app to request one. Yet initially the app allowed you to tick a box saying it was needed. As you say you have to be proactive and keep an eye on when your prescription is due as there is no communication from them. They changed their name from healthcare@home to scienceus due to their bad image, sadly it seems to have got worse,

Im sorry to say they have been awful,so bad infact went without my meds for 6 wks. Hospital got involved as did consultant. Now down to only 1 pen,they dont answer phone or messages. Good luck

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Peacox in reply to Ninnin67

Oh no! I’m so sorry you’ve been experiencing this. I really hope it gets better. That’s so stressful. Only time will tell, I suppose, if I have problems, too. We shall see. Good luck! X

I used to have alot of problems with them until I sent a letter of complaint. My GP prescribes my methotrexate and keeps on top of regular blood tests.

Sciensus are responsible for delivering my biologics. Now I get a text message 1 week in advance to let me know what day they are delivering and 24 hours before I get a text message with 2 hour delivery slot.

It doesn't seem like your GP is involved so the repeat prescription must be coming from the hospital. Good luck with them.

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Peacox in reply to PSAWarrior28

Thank you. Yes, I don’t think my GP is aware of any of it. I will ring & try to see if I can join some dots.

I’ve had no problem with them at all. They email and text me the delivery date and if it’s not suitable, I message them on their App or live chat and change it. You can nominate a local chemist for them to deliver to too.

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Thank you.

HiI have my etanercept delivered by them for about 10 years now. Their relative recent change from ‘healthcare at home to Scientus’ has not affected my service at all. Personally I have never had any problems with them. I do know others have a different experience and wonder if it is possibly to do with different locations and delivery issues ? I am in Brighton. They have delivered to my home address and my work address as needed. I hope you get things sorted. I have stayed with sane consultant fir 25 yrs plus even though I moved away from the area. It seems different trusts also have a varying range of quality service which is sad .

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Thank you. Yes, quality of care is very different where I am now. It was wonderful at my last hospital — for 12 years. But I don’t have my own transport & just can’t get there now, so had to change, alas.

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Yes true. Exactly why I asked to stay with my consultant and he said I could. It saddens me to hear so many stories of difficulties with healthcare . It’s bad enough to contend to RA on a day to day basis without having to fight for what you need. Sadly this is becoming far too common nowadays. I wish you well.

I have my Simponi injection delivered by Sciensus, (used to be health care at home), I have had many issues with them, the main issue being delivery. I work most days and due to morning stiffness, I work the later shifts to give my joints time to warm up. (I have R.A. or R.D.) I ask for my delivery to be delivered any day they want as long as its the 6pm -9pm slot as I'm home from work then. Each time I get my text message to say expected delivery time it says its coming at a time when I'm at work! I then have to try and and rearrange delivery, to which they say I'm too late to cancel the delivery so it will still be attempted. Once I actually get through to speak to someone about delivery, I say to them, I always ask for a late delivery slot as I'm at work, to which they say, o yes there is a message on your account saying you have the late slot!!!!! My last delivery said it was coming between 18.17-20.17 then at 18.33 it said delivery attempted and failed! I was sat in the window waiting! No attempt was made for delivery! They also say the hospital hasn't sent your prescription so they can't process delivery.

Good luck, hopefully you get better service from them than I have.

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Peacox in reply to Narna74

Oh dear, I’m so sorry you have to go through all that. And thank you. Time will tell — very sore fingers crossed!

I have had sciensus delivering my biologic. So far has been fine. As I understand it GPs cannot prescribe biologics but they should be able to do MTX. once they have a letter from rheumatology they should be able to take over prescribing and blood tests. Have you contacted the practice manager? I had a problem and an email to practice manager got a swift response. Sorry to hear your treatment has been so disjointed. Hope you get sorted

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Peacox in reply to Gilliancheche

Thank you

For the last 3 years Healthnet Homecare have delivered my methotrexate and Sciensus deliver my biologic without any major issues … despite me moving house twice. All prescribed by my hospital rheumatologist. Maybe I’ve been lucky so far 🤞🤞

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MadBunny in reply to CagneysMum

My hospital has changed to Healthnet from Alcura ( who were dreadful) and so far they've been very good.

They have messed up numerous deliveries for me. So much so that I complained to NHS England who directed me to my CCG who directed me to my prescribing hospital. I am going to discuss it at my next rheumatology appointment. I had already complained to sciencus multiple times as they kept changing dates and delivery destinations. They apologise, but then don't rectify the problems. I think a lot of it has been down to their computer system and people working from home with poor connectivity. I also think it depends on which area of the country you are in to the service you get. Good luck!

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Peacox in reply to Jacey15

Ouch. Sorry it’s been so awful. Thank you!

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PSAWarrior28 in reply to Jacey15

It is worth putting in an official complaint letter to the very top. I did when they messed up. They sent my meds by special courier next day.

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Jacey15 in reply to PSAWarrior28

They have had to courier mine next day at least 3 times when they have messed up. I'm supposed to get a delivery today 🤞

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Jacey15 in reply to PSAWarrior28

Well they didn't deliver the sharps bin. Surprise surprise. It happens nearly every time 🤦

Yes I do have to keep on top of them I'm afraid. They have missed a couple of appointments and I was 1 day late for my injection. At the beginning I also had to get my rheumy to hurry them up. Forget GP..they know nothing about RA..stick to rheumy. They now have an app, but I prefer ro keep calling them. Good luck.

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Peacox in reply to Salamanca21

Thank you.

Sciensus deliver my biologics and although not as efficient as HAH they have not been too bad and have tried to be flexible with delivery. My GP does not have on record that I am on Imraldi so I agree there is little communication here, I am feeling slightly forgotten by my rheumi but that's probably because pre-pandemic the follow ups wereall face to face and regular, can't believe they haven't got their act together yet - what are they all doing?!!

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Peacox in reply to diana16

I feel the same. Forgotten & lost in the system. I appreciate how hard things are & have been over the past two years. But I’m a bit fed up of bad care & feeling I’m totally alone in all this. I really hope it gets better soon.

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Paula-C in reply to diana16

Sciensus is health care at home, they changed the name, I think it's because h@h got such bad reviews.

I have found Sciensus very good. They normally phone to arrange times but if they haven't its generally because the team has not had my repeat prescription from the RA dept at the hospital. This is usually because even in these days of tech they still cannot find a way to see my blood results which my GP has stored on their patient access site online. They have to phone and get copies! Like you say the GP does not record the drugs that they don't provide and in fact the GP doesn't have a complete picture of my conditions either and neither does the RA dept. You would think that these days it would be more joined up. Also they don't have the correct record for my vaccinations but luckily its on my NHS Covid pass! I am the only one who knows whats going on!

I would keep an extra couple of weeks ahead for ordering if you can. Always have back up plans!

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Peacox in reply to zen4

Thank you. Yes, it’s a scattered approach to health care! It’s very messy. We need to be on top of everything all the time — not easy when suffering the effects of chronic illness & meds side effects. Sigh.

I only have good things to say Sciensus and their deliveries, but it does tend to depend on your location. Maybe you need to just ask your GP for bloods monitoring for your methotrexate and ask them to push for a rheumatologist appointment.

Hello Peacox

About Sciencus:

When I was on a biologic (now stopped) it was delivered by Healthcare at Home - the company changed its name to Sciencus fairly recently and the service continued as before. I don't remember any hiccups while I was using them. The hospital is responsibility for agreeing the delivery to you from Sciencus. I was told by Sciencus that before each delivery they confirm with the hospital that the patient is still on the drug.

By the "Care Team" I take it you mean the hospital and GP. If so, it is true that the hospital prescribes the medication and Sciencus provides it - they are certainly in contact. And yes, Sciencus are the supplier of the drug only, any advice about it and whether you continue on it or not will come from your doctors in your Team. If you have problems with administering the injections, Sciencsus should be able to advise on that.

As for your GP and your records - well, that doesn't sound right. All my meds including Methotrexate and the biologic, when I was taking it, have always been on the records held by the GP. But I'm surprised at the confusion - that really isn't good enough. I do hope that you manage to sort out the muddle. My methotrexate continues to be supplied by the hospital pharmacy (not Sciencus), but is on the GP's records as always.

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Peacox in reply to bienassis

Thank you. That’s helpful.

My enbrel is being delivered today by Sciensus, long story but it's 5 weeks late!

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Peacox in reply to Paula-C

Oh dear. I’m sorry about that.

Before it used to be called health care at home, then it changed to Sciencus, its not the same before you used to be able to get what you ordered, eg sharps bins, spot plasters, but now its virtually impossible to obtain these, yes you get your jabs but not a lot of anything else. I had to contact them six times to get sharps bins after the delivery driver took away my full ones, it got to a point where i was wrapping the used jabs in news paper, (no they did not get put in the bins) And for reasons i don't know the drivers tell me they are not allowed to carry sharps bin's. I hope that somebody from Sciencus reads this, please get your act into order, why should we have to suffer because you cannot be bothered

I do and have no issues with them which is apparent rare!

I never had a.problem with scientus delivering my meds etc and I always had my bloods done at my GP surgery.

Hi Peacock

Yes I get my Biologic injections delivered by Sciensus. They deliver a good service. But are only a medication delivery service. You should still be seen by your Rheumatology Team as normal.

Sciensus were previously known as Healthcare at Home

Hi Peacox, It sounds like you've had a really difficult time and very little joined up care. As others have said here Sciensus (previously Healthcare at Home) deliver and support initiation of medications prescribed by your hospital team. Your rheumatology team most definitely should have written to your GP and given you a copy of that correspondence to inform them of your diagnosis and treatment. Your blood tests are vitally important and in most areas of the UK it is the GP surgery who will conduct the blood tests. You may find our new Blood Matters information booklet useful - you can order or download it from our website for free It also sounds like you may benefit from contacting our NRAS helpline on 0800 298 7650, if there is an issue with your rheumatology department we may not be able to fix it but we can certainly raise concerns on your behalf or at least guide you to navigate the system.

You're not alone and NRAS and your fellow HealthUnlocked users are here to help.

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Peacox in reply to Clare-NRAS

Thank you so much, Clare, I really appreciate this.

I get my bloods done at the hospital. The GP plays no part in it at all. I really appreciate the help and will have a look at what you advise.

Thanks again!

more than welcome ...that's what we're here for 😀

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