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Grandson emergency

Gosh what a day phone been constantly ringing. So much to do now coroner finally done death certificate. Funeral will be next Weds. Anyway my little grandson decided to dive onto the hearth and banged his head. So we dashed off to A and E my daughter his mummy was more upset than he was and couldnt stop crying. Anyway both Mum and baby are fine.

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Thank goodness for that, he is going to be a little bit sore for couple of days.

Di xx


Hi Sharon

What a pallaver. These things are sent to try us! Glad all is ok and hope you are coping ok... take care x


ooh hope your life improves.. can take any chances .. with a knock to head.. least he is ok x


Blimey, there's always something going on to keep you on your toes isn't there?! Glad to hear Mum and Son are fine now. Hope you get everything sorted out for Wednesday, it's good to finally have a date. Jo x


Hi Sharon, glad you have a date for funeral at least that's sorted, hope your grandson is feeling better.

Take care

mand xx


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