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Sylvi you'll like this.

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Today my husband decided to do the vacuuming, there is no real need but he had spilt a few bits in the lounge. I sat down saw a bit he'd missed and said "you really haven't done a good job". He said "how would you do it? " so I told him "take off the hose and go under the chair." 'AAAhhhh" he said "I've not been trained on that!" He is now wearing his lunch. lol

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Oh no, now he's got to wash his lunch-stained clothes. I hope he's been trained fully on how to use the washing machine.


He has indeed and also does a good Freddie Mercury impression of dusting just needs the mini skirts. lol xx

Oops pmsl. xxxx

Yes, Himself also says that he doesn't have his competencies in several domestic chores but I think it's a ploy to escape the nastier jobs. He definitely is not allowed near the washing machine. He could easily just put everything in one load. Jeans and hankies anybody?

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medway-lady in reply to Gnarli

And then grey undies or shrunken jumpers ? if the machine has woollen cycle then why not move the control to that cycle not to cotton wash at 90 degrees. lol xx and don't get me started on 'forgetting' to remove stuff from pockets like the odd Allen key !

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Gnarli in reply to medway-lady

We seem to have similar issues. Having seen him do his thing with one of my cashmere jumpers (!) I find it simpler to just ban him from even going near it and I still get very clean five pence pieces and unused poo bags

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😂 I have just read this and laughed! My hubby is pretty good and will do his own washing but I will sort it for him and I'm forever pulling out very clean (not used) poo bags and the odd sneaky chocolate wrapper!!!

lol xx

Why do I get odd socks?

Don't get me started on that' 😂

Why does the expensive t-shirts get stained on first wear and no stain remover will shift the mark so is chucked away but the £2 one from Primark gets stained then boil washed over and over again and is as good as new a year later. lol

The same reason you save for a cashmere jumper and Chuck curry down it first wear😣

Thats it lol xx

Could be worse…

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Knip in reply to medway-lady

Or leave a tissue which has been tucked up a sleeve, which then leaves white bits over everything else that has been in the machine as well as in the machine itself! How do I know this? I've been daft enough to do it myself when in a hurry!

Since my hubby has retired he has taken over the housework and he puts the washing on the line and i caused a few rows in the begining and one thig is he would put the sheets over the washing line instead of doing four corners and i have learned to bite my tonge several times and now iit doesn't bother me now. xxxxxx

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medway-lady in reply to sylvi

So odd how something really minor gets us going. I only have fitted bottom sheets so no corners but the quilt covers and pillow cases go the laundry, He'd never worry about creases so I'm happy to pay for washing them. lol xx

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sylvi in reply to medway-lady

Putting sheets on the bed is such a difficult job for us to do. My hubby does the bed and it takes it out of him when he does now he is ill as

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medway-lady in reply to sylvi

Thats not good, and he has been such a gem for so long. I hope he recovers soon. xxx

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sylvi in reply to medway-lady

He has started chemotherapy as he has too many platelets and this drug will reduce them. He will be on this drug for life. It is not cancer, but it could be if treatment wasn't started.xxxxx

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Knip in reply to sylvi

You have a lovely hubby Sylv. Must say that I'm lucky in mine, too! xx

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sylvi in reply to Knip

Thats good to hear darling. xxx

It’s all a ploy. My brother (51) always ‘breaks’ something when he washes up…so he’s never asked again… Well done to those who have trained people up… x

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medway-lady in reply to CripLady

Now that might be his plan so needs more training methinks. lol xx was well above his pay grade. More training required!

Bless him it’s not like the smiley adverts is it?

He needs a booster course on vacuuming

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