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Methotrexate increase in dose

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Hi all

I have had my methotrexate upped from 10mg to 15mg following a recent flare. I had a steroid injection, but now that’s wearing off I’m a bit stiff again in the mornings.

Although at the moment I don’t feel as bad I did during the flare, fingers crossed 🤞 no swelling as of yet, but I certainly don’t feel right. I was wondering if anyone knows of a guide to how long the increase would take to work? I thought I’d give it a few more weeks to see how it goes before I call my Consultant.

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When I was moved from 15mg (tablets) to 20 mg (injection) last year I contacted my team after about 8 weeks as things seemed slightly worse rather than better. The nurse said that I should have seen some improvement by then even though it might not have reached full effect.

I think that the usual advice is 12 weeks but that might be when you start rather than increase dose 🤔

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Thanks for your advice Boxerlady, it’s so good to have people on here to bounce things off 😊

It’s usually 12weeks. Your steroid injection should last 12 weeks as well . If symptoms get worse as steroid wears off then maybe your meds are not quite working. I had a steroid injection in July but I don’t think I will get the full 12weeks benefit as things are starting to creep in . Always contact your team so they can monitor it.

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Thanks for that. I had my jab on 30th July, not sure if it wasn’t a large dose or not, but the Consultant at the Flare clinic said it would lady 4-6 weeks 😖 I thought they lasted longer. 🤷‍♀️I will ring my Consultant next week then to mention it.

Thanks for your help 👍

Hi chockyuk, I've been on 15mg 5 weeks now and started to feel a slight improvement last week, more energy, more movement started doing more. And bang woke up sat morning feeling like I've had flair, was so disappointed I could of cried, I'm trying to stay positive and thinking it's maybe a blip, hope you start to feel better soon

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Hi 👋 JoJoSorry to hear your Mthx hasn’t worked properly yet, but I do know when you’re new to it, it can take a while. Persevere, but like others have mentioned to me, maybe let your Rheumatology team know, it might make you feel a bit more reassured. 😊👍

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