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Access to GP in person

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This may be of interest....hope you can access it ok

"Here’s the thing, Mr Hancock. Most people still want to see a GP, not send them a photo of their ailment or take their own blood pressure. They don’t care to be part of your cost-cutting, digital healthcare revolution which strips the human touch from the doctor-patient relationship."

I wanted to send a photo or two, last time I spoke to 111 service, but they couldn't accept it. Shame really, as sometimes a pic is very revealing and useful.

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It will omly show the article if ypu accept a free trial. But i get the idea, i think though health care will change dramatically. .....

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AgedCrone in reply to allanah

Try this.....


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allanah in reply to AgedCrone

Thank AC 😱

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allanah in reply to allanah

So sad xxxxx

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J1707 in reply to AgedCrone

I was told to buy my own blood pressure machine by my Gp

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At my practice when you first join they have a BP machine attached to the wall...with heart rate, plus an ear thermometer...then you measure your height & do all that yourself & write it down for the secretary to enter...guess by now you might have to enter it yoursef.

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Hezekiah in reply to AgedCrone

Thanks AC, I hoped my link would work, but wasn't really sure.

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I read the digital edition & you can fwd whole articles..I send them all over the world to friends living abroad.

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Hezekiah in reply to AgedCrone

Yes, I see I can access that too, although usually the app on my phone takes me in via a different route. I'll try to remember for next time if I'm offering a Telegraph link.

Couldn't agree i have stopped ring thr surgery as they will never see me because i am chronically ill would you believe. xxxx

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charisma in reply to sylvi

Ridiculous! I have been seen, mostly just for blood tests, all through the pandemic! xx

I tried to get an appointment 10 days ago and was told the first available was 3rd June. When I said ok, I'll accept a phone appointment I was told that is the first Phone appointment. FGS!!

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AgedCrone in reply to Lolabridge

Amazingly.....I phoned my GP practice re my second Covid vaccination....having put it off myself as I was about to move house.... I tried the CV 19 line spent 3x 1 hr on hold....then phoned reception & said could I go back on the waiting list.They must’ve employed somebody with some common sense she gave me an appointment straight away!

Credit where it.’s due....but I am still in shock !

My 17 year old has been suffering very high temperatures on and off for 12 months. Not seen a doc once only telephone consultation again this morning as temperature 40 for 3 days in a row . My son god bless him put his foot down and said why is this happening and to be told it’s viral and you can’t help me . Doc said I think it’s a chest infection here’s some antibiotics 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ no physical exam . It will be A&E next time if it happens.

We laughed at all those years ago at The Two Ronnies Medical Examination sketch 1985 where Ronnie C (the Patient) had to speak to (The Doctor) Ronnie B on a TV screen, as he inserted his card and had to press option buttons on how he may be feeling and we laughed at the frustrations of mistakes being made, not having the right option to press, trying to be physically examined from a TV screen etc. Fast forward 40 years and hey presto here we are...skyping/zooming a GP, or discussing over a phone our health without actually seeing the GP or health care professional, taking snapshots of limbs, body parts and areas we wouldn't wish the world and the dog to see. The sketch is available on FB and I wonder did The Two Ronnies have insight into the future? 🔮🔮

Most people Mr Hancock would just like to know what all these busy GPS are actually doing behind their locked doors. It is true the NHS seem to be telling him to do ABC one day and XYZ the next... But if patient had an explanation we might not get so irritated!

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bonsgirl78 in reply to AgedCrone

While still raking in their enormous salaries.

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Mmrr in reply to bonsgirl78

And the grossly underpaid Nurses and support workers are seeing patients F2F and have been doing so throughout the pandemic.

My daughter couldn't even get a F2F appointment for my 2 year old granddaiughter who's had a high temperature for the last few days and a hacking cough (negative Covid test). She wanted the dr to listen to her chest. Her GP diagnosed a viral infection over the telephone but sent a prescription for anti biotics to her chemist just in case it didn't get better in a few days.

And that's a vulnerable 2 year old child so God help the rest of us!

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Pippy25 in reply to jacdo

That's not good at all. I am so sorry to hear this jacdo x

I’ve forgotten what my doctor looks like, before covid I could see in person now I can’t even get in the door. For my blood test forms I get them handed through a window. I had my yearly review via a phone call yet my hospital appointments I can walk in and see drs and nurse in person. My blood pressure I also measure myself with my own machine. It’s all DIY yourself personally I think a lot of ppl out there with health problems are getting missed.

I agree with all that has been said . Had to phone GP last Wednesday cos had a cough for 2 wks and throat felt swollen. Told I would get a call back and thought it would be duty DR but got the paramedic who said can you send photo of throat to which I said no I couldn’t plus also I wanted my chest checked. She relented and said come down. Must admit she was very thorough and we had a good chat about my health, but I still would have liked to have seen my DR.

You only have to notice the increase of people on here asking about private health care to see what the end goal is.

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bonsgirl78 in reply to Angjoplin

Exactly.And in the meantime people are suffering.Basically left out to sea.

My husband had to send photos of a lump on his elbow. He added the caption“thank god I have not got haemorrhoids. “

The doctor rang straight away ........

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Mmrr in reply to Green230461


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Hezekiah in reply to Green230461

Yes, that was what I wanted - to send a photo of my elbow. Anyways, 111 recommended I go to local A&E, so I did, and was out after about 1.5 hours, with a prescription for 2 weeks of Amoxicillin (penicillin variant). The medicine did the trick.

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MaryTH in reply to Green230461

I have had a miserable day so far but your comment made me laugh out loud xx

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Green230461 in reply to MaryTH

Glad to hear it. Hope you feel better soon 🌈

My GPs have actually been very good since I slipped my disc, I've been seen f2f twice.Before the disc episode it was by telephone call, yet the nurses were still working.

It's the disparity that really gets to me.

So...back to back face to face appointments with GP....not too bad Mmrr 😀

Back to back they faced each other drew their swords and shot each other nursery rhymes are brutal

I’m happy to have phone calls for things that can be described easily. I get cystitis and it’s good to call up and be told I need another round of antibiotics instead of wasting my time and the drs going in for an appointment ( I work in London so have to take half a day off for an appointment). However something like my RA follow up needs to be in person (and isn’t) as I’m having issues at the moment and need someone to physically look at it.

Can't get into it why are they not seeing us.

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