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Pain in one rib size of a pea

Pain in one rib size of a pea

Pain on one spot on right side of lower rib. I'm a smoker (😞) and it's winter so I cough alot when I wake up or in the cold. I have puffers (steroid and ventalin) being a smoker bad things go through your head but aside from cancer has anyone had this kind of pain? I added a photo and the blue spot is where the pain is but it's about one third of the size in the photo.

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I kinda think you know the answer Cindy!

I know it's hard but it's the only answer.....sorry!



Sorry to hear your in pain and as a smoker too, a lot of things pass through my mind when in pain and poorly so I know how you feel! I'm planning on going back in the vapour after new year- maybe it's something you too can try?

That picture is quite graphic- were not very pretty in the inside after all!!


Have you had this checked out with your GP. I have a 4mm nodule on my 5th rib and waiting for the the results from a CT scan and an X-ray. I have never smoked, so think mine is RA related. Your GP can arrange a scan for you to put your mind at rest.


Lots of things can cause spots of pain round there. Gall bladder, torn muscles, rheumatoid nodule, accidentally bruised yourself and didn't notice at the time. My personal rule of thumb is anything that lasts more than 3 days gets taken to to doctors ( or temperature over 100 for 24 hours).

Book an appointment just in case.


Certainly a question to ask your Rheumy next time you're seen. It could be any number of things related to inflammation from RD. If it's a while until your next appointment & it's worrying you then do see your GP. If you've been coughing a lot it could be muscle related but second guessing isn't helpful when worried so best to get it checked out.


As a smoker from age 12 to 53 at a pack a day i sympathise, but there is no excuse GIVE UP. I tried 3 times and failed then i found vaping and it was almost effortless, no nicotine withdrawal and puffing on a e cig is just like smoking, im still doing it because i really enjoy it just as i enjoyed smoking. Huge difference is the £40 a week you will save, thats £2000 a year, in 3 years i banked just over £6000 and during the time took my then carer and her daughter to Tenerife for 10 days, a holiday which i could not have afforded especialky as i needed care unless i had stopped. Come on GIVE IT UP ....NOW!.

Lecture over...for now!



Should have mentioned after 2 months lungs started to clear, for a long time what i coughed up was awful but its gone now. I no longer smell, my flat no longer smells and i no longer gasp to get out of public places to get a fag. But i must admit i still love the smell when i get a whiff.

Come on get on with it!.



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