de-quervains and sjogrens?

Hi there, just a query if there is a connection. For several months i have had swelling in my forearm along from base of my thumb, i get pain at times in my thumb in particular. I ve also got general pain in hands and fingers with swelling in knuckles . The doctors don't pay much attention to this maybe because ive had other issues that needed dealt with first and i can still function though grip is poor and I now put bags on forearm because of pain . I am presuming this is all secondary RA issues to sjogrens which is my primary condition. Would the usual treatment be a steroid injection in base of the thumb? I would send a photo but im a bit a technophobe 😏

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  • It sounds as if it could be completely unrelated to RA and maybe as you suspect de quervains. So steroid jab is a possibility. Can you book an appointment with your GP specifically to discuss this, rather than anything else, and try to get him/her to focus on it?

  • Hi helix , i ve had alot of other problems going on so this has got put on the back burner . I am meant to be getting a steroid injection in hip for bursitis soon though still not heard from hospital so i can ask then . I was wondering if it was related to a secondary condition as i do have alot of inflammation generally in limbs . Thanks for your reply

  • Oh my goodness, I can relate as a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with De Quervains in my right wrist/thumb. It was as if I woke up with a broken wrist that morning. The great news is a hand surgeon gave me a steroid injection deep into the top of my hand near my thumb and it has never returned. That pain definitely far eclipsed my RA, PMR and all the other pain I had at the moment. It truly was like the worst broken bone pain and weakness ever.

    I hope you can find some relief soon!



  • Thanks nitro , I unfortunately have a a high pain tolerance and put ip with things which is not always a good idea . I hope rheumy will look at it and inject . I hope you are feeling good at the moment, best wishes xx

  • I hope your rheumy will do that for you too! I have a huge tolerance for pain as well which usually means I will tend to write off a new pain for quite some time or just attribute it to a condition I already have which is pretty much what I did with the De Quervains until I just couldn't hold onto objects in my hand anymore. The improvement was rapid after the injection. Not quite overnight but close. The doc took longer to fuss at me for waiting than it took to complete the injection. Best of luck and feel better soon!

  • Thanks Nitro , hopefully it will be onwards and upwards 😀 Best wishes xx

    Ps did you have swelling on thumb side of forearm that made your arm look a bit bent ????

  • Yes, there was a bit of swelling along the thumb side that became increasingly sore and tender. Definitely a byproduct of ignoring it for too long.

  • Oops I'd better get my thumb out an do something 😀

  • I also have a high pain tolerance but in the year before RhA diagnosis I had simultaneous surgeries on my left hand for De Quervain's and Carpal Tunnel. The tendon sheath was snipped on the upper side for the former and just below the palm for the latter and I've had no problems since.

  • Thanks Dodo , im so glad you had such a good result . Im hoping that rheumy may just suggest a steroid injection 🌸

  • Sorry to hear.

    I am next week having an injection (had 3 times before) in the

    base of my thumb. Also my Left hip (bursitis) , next Tuesday.

    I hope you get sorted soon.

  • Oh emma i hope it works this time 😀 How long was it since the last thumb injection . I ve had four in my left hip for bursitis as well , good luck with it , hope all is successful xxx

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