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thank you

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A big thank you to everybody that posted get well wishes after my elbow surgery. It's been nearly 3 weeks now and I can't wait to be able to shower properly without my protective arm cover!😂I see the surgeon on Friday afternoon so I will know if it is healing okay. It's still sore and painful but I'm getting there. I took a little journey on the bus last week and said to the driver don't pull away until I am seated as I have had an elbow operation!!Thought this was sensible as I had visions of me trying to hang on and making matters worse. Definitely progress and not as bad as I had initially thought it would be. 😊

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You are doing amazingly lovely. Hope the bus driver did wait until you were seated. Wishing you well for your check up on Friday and do let us know how you get on won’t you? Sending positive thoughts and gentle supportive hugs 🤗 xx

thank you I will update hopefully Friday , if not Saturday as Friday is MTX day and I'm normally armed with the anti sickness pills, ginger biscuits etc so I feel pretty good the following day😂fingers crossed she will be pleased with the progress x

Oh I don’t missed my MTX days. Still remember them well. Great medication but the side effects were the worst I have had with any of my meds to date. I hope your surgeon will be happy with your progress. She should be impressed with how well you are dealing with it all. x

I am not as bad as I used to be when I was taking tablets and I have managed to reduce by 17.5 to only 10mg these days. I have OA and a rare auto immune disease hence taking the MTX for that but it is well controlled most of the time. I receive very good care from my nurse every 3 months and consultant. There was no explanation for my initial illness my immune system completely gave up. Sometimes they say stress contributes to these things and maybe my dad terminally ill didn't help me but I gave my life to him, we were 2 peas in a pod😂x

I hope all goes well for you on Friday Flor1rence, it must be so frustrating waiting for it to heal. I don't blame you for having a word with the bus driver, very sensible in taking that precaution. All the best to you. xx

thank you very much, I have been very careful so hoping for good results on Friday afternoon 🌸x

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 You are very brave and sound to have made excellent progress. I am sure your surgeon will be pleased. x

thank you so much I really hope so, just putting spread on toast has been challenging but its definitely getting easier. I was quite nervous getting the bus because you assume the driver thinks she looks okay I'm off so I had to say I have had surgery, I didn't want to end up in A & E😂

Fingers crossed for good news on Friday. That first unencumbered shower will be blissful

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Flor1rence in reply to Gnarli

oh thank you, I know; I've been researching and apparently I don't think I can get my wound wet the next day so that beautiful long awaited shower will have to wait. My 'Amazon' arm will have to assist me until then!!!!My friend saw my protective arm cover and she thought it was genius😂x

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Gnarli in reply to Flor1rence

Good things come to those who wait

Onwards and upwards. You are making great progress.

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Flor1rence in reply to Sheila_G

I am Sheila, thank you, can just about get the marmite jar open now😂x

Well done you - we never know how many things a joint helps us do until we can’t use it .......

absolutely right janmary, thank goodness for automatic doors at local shop😂

Glad to hear that this is going well. Little things at a time add up quickly. The best exercise I was given was to write the alphabet on the wall with a football. Started a-d and was exhausted but built up over a month. Gave back full motor rotation so if they suggest that give it a go ⚽️

thank you very much for the advice, I will try that x

Congrats Florence. Youre doing so well 😘

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Flor1rence in reply to allanah

thanks allanah, are you okay and refreshed after your little trip? x

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allanah in reply to Flor1rence

I was, until i got my second jab, but over that now but my knee has started again 🤣🤣 doh!

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Flor1rence in reply to allanah

is your knee really painful? 😣sorry to hear that x

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allanah in reply to Flor1rence

Glad to be seeing orthopods!! You get well soon lovely xxx

Doing really well, Flor1rence! Hope you get the maximum benefit expected from that surgery.

How long did you have RA before needing any joint ops? (If you don’t mind my question.. )

ah charisma, thanks. I'm on here cause I take methotrexate. I have plantar palma psoriasis an auto immune disease. Separately I have OA in right knee and lower back. I had myocarditis in my twenties but am cured. I seem to attract anything to do with inflammation! My elbow is wear and tear from work, sport and generally carrying heavy things. I had 3 steroid injections which worked really well but only temporary. I had breast surgery(not cancer) milk ducts removed Dec 2017 and in the Jan 2108 nearly lost my Mum but she's fighting on but sadly lost my Dad in June that same year so any stress can cause a flare but on the whole MTX serves me well😊x

Hooray Flor1rence, so pleased you are getting on well. Very best wishes.

thank you Goldsky, nearly time to see how its healing! The movement part is much better than I expected, its just sore and painful later in the day normally or when I try to do something which is out of reach 😉x

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