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Having my covid jab tomorrow and my methroxate is due on Monday evening .... is it ok to still take my meds? 8 tablets

Plus I’m on benipali folic acid

Gabapentin plus lots more?

Was bit worried

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The general advice on the site is unless on rituximab take your usual medications. But give your doc a ring on monday am for advice.

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Moremagic123 in reply to allanah

Thank you keep safe

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Fj65 in reply to allanah

I was also told come off Benapali and Methotrexate for 2 weeks to allow Covid jab to work. Although Benapali more problematic

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Lilahloo in reply to Fj65

I am on Benepali and wasn’t told to come off. Had vaccine 4 weeks ago and I am fine. X

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Fj65 in reply to Lilahloo

Shouldn’t do any harm ! I figured that as they are immuno suppressants that it would be best not to take them to maximise Covid jab effectiveness. My RA specialist nurse and GP advised the same. Sounds like nobody really knows as it’s all so new

Hi I took my methotrexate injection Friday morning had my Covid Saturday and now just taking my Benepali I will take folic acid tomorrow and touch wood I am fine I did ask the dr before he said yes it’s ok I was like you very worried but glad I had it feel a lot better and safer next one1st may bring it on you will be fine stay safe 😷

Thank you Stay safe

My rheumatologist told me to carry on as normal. I'm on the same combinations you

Thank you It helps when there’s someone out there that we can chat to in similar situations

It is completely safe to carry on taking your drugs.

Some of us have been advised to miss a week to help the response to the vaccine. But that very much depends on the individual, on the advice of their own medical team. So if you are completely stable and that is something that you are interested in then talk to your rheumy. Otherwise carry on as normal and enjoy the relief of being protected!

Thank you just got home from have no the jab .... glad I had it done

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allanah in reply to Moremagic123

Congrats xx

The person who did my jab specifically said carry on with your meds after he had seen the list. Said jab Saturday followed by methotrexate on Monday was fine. He seemed knowledgeable as I didn't ask him, he just volunteered the information?

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Moremagic123 in reply to Wobbies

Thank you ... stay safe

Hi it would be good if health professions got more involved in this area You do seem to get different views and advice from health professions as well

It should be fine

Can i ask if they told you wot vaccine your getting

I should get mine in comeing weeks group 6

I have a strong preference

But will take any

Hope the jab goes ok and not to much side effects for you

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You get told which jab as they give you a vaccine card with it on.

Morning. I had my covid jab a few weeks ago on a Friday.. i took my MX as usual on Thursday evening and had no probs

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The guidance from the American College of Rheumatology is that if you are well controlled you could benefit by pausing Methotrexate fi r week .

Contact your GP or Rheumatologist

Thank you for asking this question. I have my vaccination on Wednesday and all the answers have reassured me 😊

That’s good

I asked my GP who then contacted rheumatology who said take as normal. Rheumatology have also left a msg on their advice line to take as normal. Having listened to all advice I decided to leave off my Thursday night mtx as having jab 9am Fri as thinking better to give my body a chance to react to covid vaccine without having to cope with mtx as well.

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