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Orencia and the covid vaccine

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Hi, is anyone on Orencia biologics and had the covid vaccine? If so do we need to come off it to have the vaccine?

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Everyone is being advised differently by their rheumys so you should speak to yours to find out what you should do. There have been lots of posts asking this question, if you scroll down you will find them 😊

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helixhelix in reply to KittyJ

I wish NRAS would pin a post about this!!

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HBJ65 in reply to helixhelix

Me too as my GPs don't have a clue. I'm scared to have it and scared not to have it 🙈

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KittyJ in reply to helixhelix

I messaged them earlier hh

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EmmaS-NRASNRAS in reply to helixhelix

Hi helixhelix, I'll speak to the Helpline team and ask them to put a pinned link up to our website where we are putting the latest updates but here it is in the meantime: nras.org.uk/2021/01/20/upda... There's also a great video on our Facebook page where we interviewed Consultant Dr James Galloway on the vaccine too: facebook.com/91098402299/vi... wishes


Yes, a great video but hard to find link from website for those who are not natural FB users.

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HBJ65 in reply to KittyJ

Thank you, I'll have a look 😊

I take Orencia and was advised by rheumatology it's find to continue with vaccine. I had my vaccine (Pfizer) in mid January, injected as usual on Sunday , C19 vaccination on Wednesday.

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HBJ65 in reply to rounder

Thank you. Did you have any side affects from it?

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rounder in reply to HBJ65

Had a sore arm for a few days, and for 24 hours a slightly raised temperature with a headache, but regular paracetamol dealt with it. I was advised of the possibility of exactly those side effects so it didn't worry me.

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