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Carers and Covid vaccine


Hoping someone can throw some light on my query regarding the position of carers who look after someone who is CEV. I am 69 and have my Covid vaccine booked for Sunday. My husband is the same age and it would seem logical to me that we receive the vaccine at roughly the same time to give us both peace of mind. He has been shielding with me since last March to keep me safe.When we visited the GP before Xmas, I had a stress fracture of my right fibula, he intimated that we would get the vaccine at the same time.

Anyone in the same position?

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A lot of us!

Of course it makes logical sense that you give vaccines according to the person in the household who is most at risk. Sadly that’ not what they are doing it seems.

I’ve had my vaccine, but OH is probably going to have to wait until March.

Pam-51 in reply to helixhelix

Thanks for taking time to reply.

Pam X

This is happening everywhere unfortunately. My partner is over 70 and I’m in my 60s in the CEV cohort. Can book my partner but told I need to wait for the call for over 60s.

I did explain that they are now vaccinating CEV cohort but the ld couldn’t book me.

The green book and government update in January states, unpaid carers are moved to level 6. You contact your GP and they may ask you to complete a form. Look on

Pam-51 in reply to allanah

Thanks for your reply.

Pam X

As other replies point out, carers have been moved up to group 6, however it’s worth mentioning that carers have to be receiving carers allowance or be registered as a carer with their GP to be eligible for the earlier vaccination. People aged over 65 are in group 5, though, anyway: your husband should get vaccinated relatively soon given that group 4 has already commenced. Whilst I understand the logic of vaccinating a carer and the CEV person at the same time, unless the carer is aged 70 or over, it’s unlikely to happen on the basis that vaccination priority is based on clinical risk: if the vaccine is effective and the clinically at risk person has been vaccinated, the primary risk in not vaccinating the carer at the same time isn’t transmitting the virus to the person they care for and making them ill, it’s the potential for reduced capacity to provide care. Carers have really only been moved up on the grounds of the potential social care strain, not directly on health grounds, which is the same, main reason they’re offered the flu vaccine each year.

I'm CEV, 56, and waiting for a vaccine before 15th Feb. Husband is 59 with asthma, in cohort 6, so wont get jab when I do. Daughter lives at home and she wont get vaccinated for months.

Hi Yes I'm in exactly the same position I'm an official carer for my mum, she is 98 had both her vaccines I'm CEV and still waiting I'm 57, I said to my surgery this makes no sense not to be vaccinated at the same time but they wont have it. At present they have no idea when I'm up for it. My worry is if I get it who's looking after my mum. I have always looked after my mum whilst working but got made redundant last September due to covid n my work place couldn't afford to keep us all on.

It just doesnt make sense .


Pam-51 in reply to Denise64

It certainly doesn’t make sense and is potentially creating further problems as in your case. Best wishes to you and your Mum.

Pam X

Thank you and best wishes to you xx

I’m CEV and being vaccinated tomorrow Friday I’m 56 and my husband and carer who is 57 has been told he will have to wait even though originally they said he should be vaccinated at the same time this has now changed. To be honest we don’t mind as at least some of the stress will be lifted from both of us (although we aren’t going anywhere or lifting the shielding after the vaccination). We wouldn’t want to take the vaccination from someone who was more needy and hopefully my husband won’t have to think that having to go to work will be a death sentence for me so it’s a relief if not ideal.

I am 70 next month and CEV, so I am in group 4 but have not heard anything about having the vaccination yet. When I rang the doctors this week and listened to the message at the start of it, it said to not ring them about the vaccine as they would contact us when the time was right. It also said they are unable to answer questions about it.

I read somewhere that if you are offered the vaccine and can't take it that you won't get another date to have it. This has worried me because, I am waiting for two important appointments with consultants, one of which I have been waiting for over six months. Surely I wouldn't be expected to cancel that and probably have to wait a long time for another appointment.

My husband is two years younger than me and is in group 5, so hopefully he won't be too long after me in having it. My son, who is in his early 30's is still living at home so will be waiting a long time for his.

KittyJ in reply to holly-willow

I think you choose a date from those available hw, that’s my understanding. Hope you’re called soon🤗

It seems to depend where you 78 yr old friend has an 88 yr old husband...she cares for him & their 44 yr old handicapped son....they all got vaccinated separately which meant she had to go three times to the vaccination point.

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